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Since its release, Pokémon GO has been bringing out the best and the worst in us. One week, it's the greatest thing ever and getting kids and young adults out of the house and using their legs for once in their life. Next week, it's a den of sin. People have had it up to here with Pokémon GO players hanging out in public places, leaving trash behind and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

What have we learned from this? People are never happy.

But Pokémon GO could be worse. Pokémon GO could be much... MUCH worse.

I mean, at least people aren't shooting each other to nab those coveted Pokémon, right? Right?

Pokémon GO Wars: Fan Video Recreates Pokémon GO With Added Violence

Japanese YouTube user RATE VFX has made the fan video of all fan videos. He's reimagined what Pokémon GO would be like if every trainer had an arsenal of military-grade weapons and catching Pokémon was a matter of life and death! Never before has Pokémon GO been this intense.

It starts innocently enough—plucky Pokémon GO trainer "RATE" finds and catches a wild Pikachu and adds it to his collection. Enter Mew, the rarest Pokémon of them all. And a Pokémon that an organization like, say, Team Rocket, would want to bag for themselves.

Happy feelings gone!

RATE is now out for blood. Whipping weapon after weapon after bigger and badder weapon out of his pack, he ruthlessly guns down every Rocket stooge vying for his precious Mew, collecting XP for every kill. It's a Pokémon-eat-Pokémon world out there, and RATE will stop at nothing to catch 'em all.

But the stooges keep coming. Just like in our favorite game and anime, Team Rocket has an endless supply of peons just waiting to perform acts of villainy, and if RATE doesn't do something, his Mew will quickly become dust in the wind.

He'll have to go bigger.

He'll have to go badder.

Time to say "I choose you" to Pikachu!

With one electrifying jolt of its natural voltage, it sends galvanized sparks straight through the nubile bodies of all Rocket stooges in the area, rendering them lifeless and destroying nearby gyms. To think Pikachu was capable of such merciless destruction! And his eyes... his eyes!! The taste of blood has made him thirsty for more!

The heated battle continues, Team Rocket relentless in its Poke-nabbing efforts. They send in remote-controlled drones, even fighter planes! And RATE meets every new challenge in glorious, theatrical style. He calls forth a Blastoise that violently rips apart the drone's pilot—James!—while Pikachu mans a gatling gun and massacres the drone itself.

When Giovanni appears in his fighter jet, RATE shoots a Electrode-loaded gun at the incoming enemy, blowing it to smithereens in a firework-like display of destruction.

It's horrible. Shocking. Execrable!

And we love every second of it.

THIS is what a Pokémon GO movie should look like. Imagine a true all-out war between trainers as they use a combination of Pokémon and weapons to triumph over each other by whatever means possible. A no-holds-barred Pokémon GO battle royale. It'd be a smash hit! And would certainly paint Pokémon in a much different light! The only problem would be all the small children who'd run to the theaters hoping to see the "new Pokémon movie" only to be barred entry thanks to its (hopefully) R-rated blood, violence, and massive destruction.

I know I'd go and see a movie like this! Pokémon Generations is aiming for a more mature audience, right? So let's aim for a more mature audience!

But alas, I highly doubt a movie like this would ever come to pass, so we'll have to be satisfied with this short glimpse of what it could be...

Watch the full Pokémon GO Wars fan video below:


Would a super violent Pokémon movie be the greatest thing ever?!


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