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With the recent reveal of Nintendo Switch, many people are focused on its amazing ability to change the way you use a console. Whether you wish to use the console with the television or convert it to a mobile, the Switch appears to be able to take the power of a handheld device and make it virtually unhindered by any physical limitations. That being said, while the trailer displays a lot of the modification functions of the console, a few more things were hinted within the sneak peek.

The Gamepad Is Not A Touch Screen

While this is not confirmed, there is overwhelming evidence showing that the gamepad does not allow for touch screen gameplay. Twice in the trailer, when the gamepad is removed from the Switch console, the gameplay is instantly removed from the television and transferred over to the gamepad.

No image on the TV.
No image on the TV.

The second part of the trailer that supports this is when the game is inserted into the gamepad, which means that there is no way to play the game on the television with the gamepad separate from the console. So if the gamepad was a touch screen, then the only way to use it would be to not play it on the TV. It's likely that the gamepad just simply isn't a touch screen.

Multiple New Games

In the trailer there were many moments that demonstrated the gameplay footage that, at first glance, appears to be from already created games — but that might not be the case.

The Super Mario 3D World footage shows a level that has thus far not appeared in the game. And if that wasn't enough, the images also show a heart-shaped item in the background; an item that has not yet been utilized in a Mario title. In the Mario Kart footage, it appears as if the player can store two items for the race, whereas Mario Kart 8 only allowed for one.

Finally, the Splatoon gameplay showed items that have yet to be included in the Wii U version of the game. All of these indicate that there are games in development for the Switch, possibly as launch titles.

Possible Multi-Television Gaming

If you look on the left side of the console, it appears that there are two ports, both for HDMI cables. This could mean that one is used to transfer the image to the main television used for gaming, but it's not clear what the second one would be used for. This could be a port to support two TVs with one device, which would fit the functionality of the console.

Even though we got a lot of new information with the first trailer, we still know very little about what this console is capable of. This means that we could be in for several more announcements of this magnitude.

With that in mind, are you hoping that these hints turn out to be the real deal, or do you have other theories that may have been hidden within the Switch trailer?


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