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Growing up, Spyro the Dragon was my favorite game to play, and frankly, it's still one of my all-time favorites to both play and recommend. was released in North America on September 10, 1998 and was eventually available in Europe by October 23 of that same year. So to celebrate the game's birthday, here are 18 tips and tricks, perfect for anybody wanting to revisit the PlayStation classic.

First, allow me to jog your memory with the game's old-school trailer:

1. Town Square, Reminiscent Of Spain's Running Of The Bulls

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm proud that my six-year-old self figured this out without the internet. Looking back, I realize that it took me a very long time compared to other kids.

Going through the level, you will find a Gnorc being chased around a fountain by a bull. To the right are a set of stairs leading to a horde of chickens, and a seemingly random ledge. If you can tune out the clucking, you should be able to hear a thief's taunting. Jump on the random ledge, face the fountain, and fly around the column on the right. Ta-da!

2. Stone Hill And A Delightful Stroll Along The Cliffside

When I play through, I first find the beach to collect the key. The beach is found by locating the exit portal, going to the ledge, and jumping over. Jumping, not flying. Fire-breathing dragons aren't the biggest fans of water. The key is in the cave.

Next, go to the area where you began the level. There should be a well chilling in the middle of the meadow. If you hop down there, you will discover a chest and a dragon. The final thing of mediocre interest would be the thief. There's another meadow with a tower in the center. Go to the top of the tower and you should see some jewels on the cliffs surrounding the meadow. Fly on over and go catch the thief. Keep an eye out for treasure, though.

3. How To Reveal Sunny Flights

This is explained by a dragon later in the game, but I'm going to do it again. In the Artisans world, there is a waterfall pool area with five stepping stones. Hop on all of them and they'll flash yellow while revealing Sunny Flights.

4. Dry Canyon, Hidden Dragon

This level is found in the Peace Keepers' world (fun tidbit: The soldier Gnorcs that hide in the tent may moon you). There is this island of sorts, with tons of treasure on it. To get to the island, you climb to the top of the castle, fly to some dirt steps, go to the top and just glide on over. Easy peasy. Now on to the hidden dragon.

At one point, you will release a dragon on a ledge that leads up to a tiny slope near some square towers. Climbing up there and looking around, you should see an entrance in the cliffside. You are able to fly over to it and once you reach the other side, jump and fly around the cliff to your left. You have found the cliff to reach the hidden dragon.

5. Ice Cavern-Daring Flight

Pay attention to the light posts. Some of them have treasure at the top, so you have to charge the posts. But be careful not to fall off the ledges. The trickiest thing is getting the three lives on the ice island. At the start of the level, there's a path to a platform that you jump on, straight ahead of the entry point. The island will be to the right. Just jump and fly around the ice wall.

6. Alpine Ridge With A Hop, Skip And A Jump

Near the exit portal, there will be part of a ledge jutting out. Use this ledge to fly over to the cave in the cliffside.

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7. High Caves And A Lowly Thief

There is a part of the level where a group of three fairies wait around in a chasm. They take you to the top of a supercharge. Using this supercharge, you can get to a plateau with a thief. Just charge down and fly at the top of the jump, keeping to the right of the two caves.

8. Magic Crafters And A Hidden Chest

Near the portal to Wizard Peak, there is pool of water with a tower in the middle. Behind that tower is a ledge that has a key. You can walk around the edge of the pool to get there. The chest is in a cave near the start of the level where you chase a thief in circles around an open field. If you go to the edge of that plateau, face Alpine Ridge and slowly turn right, your camera will pass a waterfall and you should see the cave. The easiest way to get there would be to fly from the top of the supercharge.

9. Wizard Peak, A Trick To Get The Wizards

Right away when you start the level, there is a path around the castle to the left. A whirlwind will take you up to a second level. There's a small jump to the next path on the adjacent castle, but hold off for a moment. Continue on that previous path to the very end. If you look around, a small checkered ledge will be to the left and slightly down. Flying over there will allow you to flame the snow wizard. If you then go through the level to return to that point, fly to the adjacent castle and follow the path. Near the path's end, on the dark side of the castle by the mountain, look around. There should be a lower pathway around the mountain. This will lead you to the second checkered balcony with a wizard.

10. Terrace Village And The Terrace Steps

After the whirlwind near the end of the level, there will be a platform around a plateau near a final electric Gnorc, where you'll find "hidden" steps (that just blend in really well).

11. Misty Bog

Next to the exit portal is a flat-topped pyramid. Jump on there and glide to the ledge of the walls. From there, glide to the steps on the large pyramid that you entered from.

12. Beast Makers

Near Misty Bog's portal there is a hut with a well outside. You can hop in the well to get to Wild Flight. Beast Makers levels are fans of "hidden" steps.

13. Metalhead

In the moat, there is a pathway under a grate. You should be able to hear the whirlwind. Keep to the left.

After defeating Metalhead for the first time, you will go to a second arena with gross green waterfalls. If you wait a moment before entering the arena and look around, you should see steps to the left. These steps will lead you behind a waterfall.

14. Haunted Towers

This one is really difficult to explain, so here is a YouTube video, courtesy of JohnnyDFox.

15. Dark Passage

Near the exit portal, there will be a square ledge that you were on previously. If you look to the right of it and down, you will see a greenish tunnel. Following this tunnel will bring you to an open space with dancing mushrooms. Looking over the edge to the right will reveal a line of puppies. Flying over there will open up a new area for you to explore.

16. Lofty Castle

You will eventually find your way to a tower where you free three fairies. Those fairies open a whirlwind up to a dragon. Across from that is a ledge that leads to a supercharge. Taking this supercharge will lead to a roundabout. Keep to the right! This will let you be able to superjump/fly over to a ledge with treasure.

17. Jacques

Near the beginning of this level is a "lavafall." There are also two paths you can take. We will be going to the left. But first, there are two fools running around. First flame the fool to the right, then bust your butt over to the left and flame the second fool. This fool raises a spinning platform for you to hop on and get over the ledge. Hurry! You may want to first just observe to see what I'm talking about, and then go for it. That second platform that was lowered, you will want to jump on, and wait for it to raise again. Looking around will reveal an area with a dragon. Fly on over.

18. Gnasty's World

The dragon at the center of this world tells you all you need to know, such as exiting through the portals at the end of the levels. I was very upset when I just went to exit level and I had to redo the entire thing.

And there you have it! Please comment below to let me know what your favorite level of Spyro the Dragon was, or if you have any tips or tricks of your own.


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