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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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In another thrilling instalment of "why we can't have nice things", a pick of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players got themselves caught up in a touch of fuss after an exo-suit deemed unsavory to most was shipped into the game's multiplayer.

Based on the much-loved face of holiday joy, the gingerbread man, the exo-suit was roasted with crispy defiance in a similar vein to the game's other novelty exo-suit designs.

But little did these upstanding members of the CoD community know the suit was actually a special request from a child living with a terminal illness. Yeah, awkward.

Tis The Season

Via the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a little gamer named Julian was able to make the request to Activision to have his Advanced Warfare holiday gear take the form of a biscuity harbinger of death, and in a touching move the divisive publishing giants accepted, drafting gingerbread man in for Advanced Warfare's wall-vaulting, deathmatch madness.

Then... along came the fanbase who were quick to throw shade on ol' gingy:

Advanced Warfare's director Michael Condrey took to Twitter to swat the jet-boosting vitriol out of the air like King Kong and reveal why gingerbread man was leaving a breadcrumb trail of death on the battlefield:

Suitably ashamed, some CoD fans actually took to the walls and webcams of the internet to say how embarrassed they were by their actions, like YouTuber Drift0r who offered up this heartfelt video:

And even the majority of the YouTube comments were nice!

Some people laid the blame at the Make-A-Wish Foundation's feet for not making the move public, though the Foundation are typically secretive about their deeds outside of celebrity involvement...

In a game where avatars zip around maps shooting at each other on jetpacks, or whilst running along walls, complaining about a lack of "reality" is irony in the highest regard. That's like people complaining that Mario Kart isn't realistic enough because it doesn't have real vehicle damage. Please stop.

Your Wish Is Our Command

Ben & Eric Johnston [Wish]
Ben & Eric Johnston [Wish]

This isn't the first time Make-A-Wish has granted a wonderful gaming request. Back in 2004, a boy named Ben who was fighting leukemia asked to create a game to help other little ones battling cancer in its many terrible forms. His wish was granted and thanks to LucasArts' Eric Johnston stepping in like a true hero, Ben's Game came into being.

Ben's Game
Ben's Game

The title puts you in the shoes of a Ben as he would take to his skateboard and attack cancer cells in the game's various levels.

In 2007, Blizzard showed their good sides by granting little Ezra Chatterton the chance to finally play World of Warcraft. Due to money being so tight his family couldn't afford a computer. Their house burned down in a shocking run of poor luck and the family were not able to play WoW with their child.

Ezra Chatterton and his father
Ezra Chatterton and his father

But then Blizzard caught wind of the Chatterton family's troubles and whisked them and Ezra off to Blizzard HQ for a whirlwind tour and the chance to create his own in-game weapon (a legendary flaming-crossbow), his own quest and character (Ahab Wheathoof) and even threw his pet dog into the game for good measure! This is the face of humanity.

Ahab Wheathoof
Ahab Wheathoof

I'm yet to stop shaking my head over this news. Why the fuss over a harmless gingerbread exo? I mean Advanced Warfare has a tongue-in-cheek zombie mode which stars Jeff Goldblum! Have we forgotten how to laugh at innocuously silly things unless they're viral and laced with cats?

What do you think? Do people need to get their angles straight?


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