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As cosplayers consistently demonstrate (even the canine breeds), there's nothing better to dress up as than a character from your favorite video game. So, naturally, you may be feeling the same sense of urgency to portray your favorite digital characters on the chilly nights of October—I share that same enthusiasm friends, but sadly I've yet to learn how to levitate to pull off a convincing Zenyatta. Sigh.

So we thought we could amass a collection of awesome (see: cheap) costumes which you can replicate yourself! If you have any additional ideas or cosplays you wanna show off, do not hesitate in shaming us all with your amazing creations.

Cheap, Easy And Delightful Video Game Halloween Costumes

Your Favorite Console

Nothing says Halloween like sacrificing your sight to pay homage to your console of choice. These three have gone wild by either squeezing their heads into a box. Not sure how you'd so the same for the PS4 logo, but... you'll figure something out! Be sure to find a matching shirt and preferably a way to see out of them...

Does anyone else really hope that the open button works on the PS1 to reveal the cosplayer's face?

Portal's Chell

A pretty simple costume portraying a wonderful character in what, I would argue, is Valve's greatest game. Find yourself some orange pants or three-quarter-lengths, a simple white t-shirt (get the markers out if you don't feel like printing "Aperture Science" on to it), get some make-up and pop on some ice skating shoes!

But please remove the skates part, I wouldn't want a load of people killing themselves over a then outfit...

The Mario Crew

It's absurdly easy to come upon outfits for Luigi, Mario and co. online. A simple search will bring results like this. Though perhaps some of you will already find the required clothing in your very own wardrobes. All you need are some jeans, the appropriately colored t-shirt, some suspenders and a moustache (if you can't grow one, borrow one!). Might not be that easy for Yoshi though... But there's always this accessory kit should you need it!

Look how happy he is!!

Tetris Blocks? More Like Tetris Rocks!

These fine young gentlemen have demonstrated that anyone can appear absolutely dashing in their own Tetris block on any occasion. They've actually gone through the effort of constructing a diary describing every step involved should you feel the urge to replicate this beautiful achievement. And hey, if the rest of your gang don't feel like joining you, at least you can rest assured in the knowledge that you can kill it on your own—like this dude!

Pac-Man Plus Ghosts

While that Pac-Man is rocking up to the party in the kind of outfit that'll guarantee them a date, the ghosts are looking a bit on the undernourished side. But to be honest, these kind of Halloween costumes are the best. As long as you alternate chasing one another around the venue people will eventually cop on. Trust me.

BioShock's Splicers

The terrifying inhabitants of BioShock's Rapture proved to be highly disturbing foes. But they're pretty easy to replicate in terms of Halloween costumes. Just find yourself some fancy evening wear, bloody it up and buy (or create) your very own animal mask. Additionally, you could cut out some cardboard and craft some big old hooks to carry around with you! But don't forget that horrifying scream.

Dr. Mario

I don't even need to supply a picture of a costume for this one, it's simple! Just find yourself a lab coat, draw on a moustache and hurl prescription drugs at partygoers for the rest of the evening. Sorted.


Get a hold of a white shirt, then tear the sh** out of it. Find yourself some white trousers, keep them intact. Then get a nice bit of red cloth to wrap around your head, a black belt and then you, my friend, are ready to rock. Be sure to kick everything in sight once you arrive at the party. The host, their car, everything!

The Original Lara Croft

The usual Lara Croft has been done quite a lot and the reboot has certainly brought her gear back in style. So why not go in the direction of this hilarious person and get yourself some angular boobs? The rest is simple! Just some shorts, a white t-shirt and some guns. Only cool people will understand your reference!

Agent 47

Now, no one wants to go completely bald for Halloween just to go as a character, particularly if you've been growing out that hair or beard. But if you find yourself a bald cap, draw a barcode on the back of your head and adorn yourself in a slick black suit (red tie is a must) and you'll be good to go. Be sure to spend the night sneaking up behind people, though just to reinforce the character. Garroting is optional.

Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman wasn't always adorned in that suit we know so well from the cover of Half-Life 2, he was an average scientist at one point before the Black Mesa incident. So get yourself a lab coat, thick pair of glasses and a crowbar and people will know what you're trying to accomplish. And if they don't, well, you're holding a crowbar aren't you?

Got any homemade Halloween outfits in mind?


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