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Everyone loves to dress up for , right? It's the one time of the year (for most of us) that we get to cast away our normal skins and don the guises of our favorite characters, superheroes, and monsters! But what happens when mobile gaming's biggest sensation becomes Halloween's craziest new costume trend?

Poké-ception, that's what! , the game that brought Pokémon to life for boys and girls around the world is, itself, coming to life thanks to a number of incredibly creative gamers/costume designers. Check out some of these unprecedented feats of costuming prowess!

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Pokémon GO Costumes Test the Creativity and Innovation of Fans this Halloween

I Wanna Be the Very Best

Image credit: Popsugar
Image credit: Popsugar

That avatar you've stared at so intently on the screen of your phone finally gets a chance to step into the real world! This Halloween costume (complete with do-it-yourself guide!) lets you become your trainer for a bit of Pokémon-catching, Trick-or-Treating action. Its quick, easy, and pretty authentic-looking, to boot, which makes it an easy yet effective costume for those without a lot of time and money on their hands.

Image credit: Popsugar
Image credit: Popsugar

You can even bring along a friend to act as a PokéStop!

Willow Me This

If you like the trainer vibe, but wanna go more specific, why not give Professor Willow a try? This handsome stud of a Pokémon aficionado would love to transfer your Pokémon this Halloween...

All in the Family

Why not get your family and friends together to dress up with you? Pokémon GO offers a wide variety of possibilities when it comes to outfit options (over 150 if you count all the Pokémon, after all!), so getting a group together would really up the ante.

Image credit: The San Diego Union-Tribune
Image credit: The San Diego Union-Tribune

Can I get one PokéStop, one smart phone, two trainers, and a Pikachu for 500, Alex?

And while we're on the topic of PokéStops...

A Girl and Her Ghastly

They seemed to be quite the popular choice for a lot of Halloween goers! Reddit user KnittenKitten shows off her take on the popular Pokémon GO symbol along with pet balloon Ghastly. If he only had his iconic purple flame, he'd look like he popped right out of the game itself!

I Choose You, Pikachu!

Pokémon trainer and Reddit user UrbanDryad is all set for her night of Catch-or-Treating together with her trusty Pikachu... and his trusty Eevee? That's some serious detail put into that trainer outfit!

They Told Me to Take a Street-Car Named Desire

One zealous Pokémon GO fan (and sister of Reddit user DrWeeGee) has upped the ante on intricate Halloween design, heading out for some regal treat-collecting as leader of Team Mystic, Blanche. And, of course, we'd be woe not to mention her adorable Pika-pup!

PokéStop in the Name of Love!

Another PokéStop design, and an amazingly well-done one at that! From the blue hair, to the "lure" hearts, to all the little items like potions and razz berries, Reddit user say_peanuts really went the extra mile with this one!

Pun is What You Make of It

For a clever twist on typical Pokémon GO designs, Reddit user treyyates brings you... Vincent van Pokémon Gogh?! You haven't seen anything until you've seen legendary painter Vincent van Gogh with a Pokéball!

And the award for most jaw-dropping costume goes to...

...this absolutely ingenious costume from YouTube user mattcyborgelt!

This fully interactive Pokémon GO costume includes a spinning PokéStop that actually shoots out Pokéballs, and a giant smartphone with Pikachu that can instantly change into a Pokéball at your (no doubt excellent) toss, complete with ball shaking effects and golden stars!

If that's not about the most innovative costume you've ever seen, I'll eat my hat!

Watch the full video of his costume in action below:

Did you dress up for Halloween this year? Catch a glimpse of any Pokémon Go-themed costumes? Let us know!


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