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, the latest Call of Duty game from Activision, is out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, ushering in a new era of multiplayer mayhem.

Leveling up in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's multiplayer mode is the key to earning sweet new gear and prestige, and if you want to rise through the ranks before your rivals, you're going to have to get wise. Here are our pro-tips for racking up that XP to level up faster.

1. Select the right Combat Rig

Combat rigs form the basis of your class, each one providing a customized set of tactical options. The rig you choose directly affects your play style, and while there isn't a single best rig in general, some of them are much better for fast leveling. The quickest way to earn XP is by getting out there, playing aggressively and quickly chewing through challenges.

With that in mind, you're going to want to avoid the slower style combat rigs like Merc and Phantom. If you want to be leveling up quickly, you'll want to prioritize speed and aggression. A couple of good combat rigs for this are the Warfighter and the Synaptic, which favor getting up close quickly.

2. Complete Challenges

Challenges appear in the top right of your screen while you're playing multiplayer. They can range from getting a certain amount of kills with a certain rig, or a certain amount of kills with a certain weapon. The challenges themselves rank up, ranging from Bronze to Gold.

Now, it's important to go all the way with this, as completing all three levels of the challenges gets you a nice fat bonus of XP on top of the normal amount for completing each one.

Even if you don't get Gold, the extra XP for just a Bronze challenge alone makes a big difference, so go for them whenever you can. It doesn't just give you XP, but also helps to level your Mission team. This will help you access exclusive gear, and also allow you to get more salvage as you rank up.

If you hit a ceiling, and complete all the challenges for a particular gun, then it's time to switch weapons. It can be hard to abandon your favorite gun but you've got to be versatile if you want to exploit every possible XP gain.

Bonus Tip: You can scroll through available mission challenges in the lobby so select the ones you want to try for before you enter a match.

3. Play the Right Modes

First of all, avoid Team Deathmatch. It might seem like an obvious choice in order to get a lot of kills, but just racking up a high body count isn't actually the fastest way to get a lot of XP. Pick a mode with an objective, and go for that objective for a big fat bonus XP payload.

Objective-oriented modes:

  • Domination - extra XP for flags,
  • Kill Confirmed - bonus XP for getting those tags, and denying them to others
  • Hardpoint - bonus XP for capturing the hardpoint

4. Death is Cheap

Don't sweat your kill/death ratio. To maximize your XP, swallow your pride and don't worry about dying, because if you're going to blaze through the levels, you're doing to have to play boldly and aggressively. That means taking risks, and you're inevitably going to rack up a few deaths along the way.

5. Score Streaks

In particular, the UAV and counter-UAV streaks are the best for a fast leveling strategy. UAV helps you zero in on your enemies faster, and of course counter-UAV throws off your enemy. But importantly, you get assist XP bonuses while these streaks are up every time one of your teammates gets a kill. Get a couple of UAV streaks in a game and you're looking at a really nice potential XP bonus.

6. Play with Friends

Friendship is magic when it comes to team-based games. If you can get a crew of friends to play regularly with, it'll improve coordination and communication. If you're luckily enough to have buddies that are also interesting in fast leveling through Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, then get together and take on the more lucrative game modes I mentioned above. Focus on your objectives and you'll speed through the ranks compared to playing with strangers who might have different goals.

7. Play a LOT

It's not called Infinite Warfare for nothing. This may be obvious, but even with all our help to maximize your XP gains, there's no easy way to just blast through the ranks in a handful of games and then retire. You'll have to be serious and put the time in if you want the prestige of a high rank, but keep our tips in mind and you'll be able to squeeze the most XP out of every second.

Here's the trailer to get you all excited for CoD: Infinite Warfare multiplayer. Happy hunting everybody!


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