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There was a time when was king of the internet, and the shenanigans of the Dovahkiin ruled the meme-waves. Generating hours of comedy in addition to its gameplay, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was the gift that kept on giving.

The quirks and oddities of the sandbox game, borne out of the AI designed to do its best to react to a range of situations, led to some bizarre interactions with the NPCs, and the Skyrim in-joke rabbit hole ran deeper than Blackreach.

Now that Skyrim: Special Edition is out, many players, including myself, are venturing once more into Tamriel's Northern province to smith iron daggers, yell at dragons, and get paid. But I'm also looking forward to the next wave of Skyrim comedy, which has already kicked off in style with a new video from Youtube comedy team Mega64.

Those 3 little words

The concept of Mega64 revolves around a fictional device that brings video games into real life. In reality, of course, it's an excuse for nerdy pranks and hijinks in public. In this new video, Mega64 brings the power of Skyrim's voice, or Thu'um, to real life, spreading chaos and hilarity to those who cross the path of the Dragonborn.

In case you don't remember the awesome power of the Thu'um's most famous shout, here are some reminders from the game.

It can be useful in combat...

...but also if you just want to be a dick.

Anti-social shouting can get you in a bit of trouble sometimes.

Now see the Dragonborn enter our dimension and use his power to claim this new world.

At first, the jaded citizens of this town were untroubled by the screaming horned beserker...

Hey! There could be some gems in that urn.
Hey! There could be some gems in that urn.

...but as the Dragonborn practiced his powers, the true potential of the voice was unlocked...

Guy in the front makes a hasty exit. Good move.
Guy in the front makes a hasty exit. Good move.

...until he easily throws people to the ground with his mighty shouts.

That's one way to cut in line
That's one way to cut in line

Watch Dovahkiin throw the power of his voice in the real world:

Skyrim: Special Edition just wouldn't be able to match the first time without jokes and memes to enjoy on the side, and I'm glad fans are rising to the challenge. To my fellow adventurers, clear your throats and breathe deep, it's time to get shouting again.


Does all that...shouting...make you nervous?


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