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War is fun, right? At least, when you've got unlimited lives, the bullets don't really hurt you, and you don't have to squint your eyes against the godawful stench of your own sweat inside that suit. Well, developer Infinity Ward is taking a stab at upping the realism juuuuust a little bit to give diehard gamers a taste of how much it would suck to fight in an actual war.

Two new difficulty modes in aim to put even the best of players to the test. Specialist Mode and YOLO Mode will have you planning your every shot, every charge, and every move like never before, because all it takes is one shot to put you in your place.

Watch the trailer for Infinite Warfare below:

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How Long Will You Survive When Every Step Counts? New Call of Duty Modes Will Challenge Even the Toughest Gamers

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is here and many fans of the series are already clamoring at the prospect of mowing down enemies against the backdrop of space, the final frontier. But some players aren't satisfied with simply playing the game. Nor are they satisfied with simply finishing the campaign.

They have to be the very best that no one ever was.

PikaCHU, mother f**cker!
PikaCHU, mother f**cker!

Which is why developer Infinity Ward is here to give them the ultimate test.

This newest installment in the Call of Duty franchise will introduce two all-new difficulty modes, but let's just put it this way—they're not for the faint of heart. Nay, they're not even for the resolute of heart (or the bright of heart, as it were). They're only for true, unparalleled masters of the Call of Duty persuasion—those who devote themselves to the Call of Duty cause, touting the Call of Duty flag, impregnated with the Call of Duty essence and about to give birth to their very own Call of Duty M4LMG light machine gun.

Look, honey! He's got your butt plate!
Look, honey! He's got your butt plate!

Even the names of these modes will strike fear into the hearts of mankind.

Specialist Mode and YOLO Mode.

Specialist Mode, Because When Everyone is Special, No One Is

Unlock the ultra-realistic Specialist Mode by completing the campaign once on any difficulty. Here are a few details about what you can expect from this mode of special proportions:

  • Healing is only possible with Nano Shots. Health is not regenerated.
  • Protection yourself from headshots using helmets. Helmets will need to be replaced every so often as they take permanent damage.
  • Nano Shots and helmets take up equipment slots. Don't forget to equip them in your loadout on the Retribution before each level.
  • Advanced duck and cover skills will be necessary for survival. You will grow to respect and worship the lean from behind cover mechanic.
  • Getting shot in the legs will impact your movement. Getting shot in the arm will impact your ability to use equipment or aim down sights.
  • Your weapon can be shot out of your hands.

Blast through the campaign on Specialist Mode and you can unlock...

YOLO Mode, Because Yolo Swag is Essential for a Thug Life

As if Specialist Mode weren't difficult enough, in YOLO Mode you'll get to experience the anxiety, the gripping agony, and the tumultuous affliction that comes from knowing one wrong move could end your entire game.

That's right! In YOLO mode you only have one life. Forget to guard your noggin? BAM! Permadeath! You were on the last level? Too bad! You have to start all over from the beginning. Talk about zero forgiveness! You're gonna need some intense training before being able to pull this one off!

Though such a feat may seem impossible to some, no doubt within only a few days of the game's release, someone who hasn't even paused to use the restroom, now marinating in their clammy pants, will have accomplished the daring feat and posted it to YouTube.

Are you game enough to tackle Specialist Mode and YOLO Mode when Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare hits the shelves on November 4th? Does the thought of permadeath have you shaking in your little space booties? Let us know!


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