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There is nothing remotely kid-friendly about open world survival and zombie horror game , in which you can force-feed fellow players worms and disinfectant before shooting off their genitals. Which is why, if you had to ask me what kind of game its developer Bohemia Interactive would tackle next, I would never in a thousand years exclaim "oh, for sure, a kid's game!"

Well, butter my buns and call me a biscuit! It seems I'll have to eat those words because that's exactly what they're doing! And it doesn't look half-bad, either!

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New Kids' Game from Bohemia Interactive 'Ylands' Will Allow Players to Build Their Own Worlds

Bohemia Interactive recently announced a new game they've kept under wraps for over a year now. Ylands, a game targeted towards a decidedly different audience than their usual fare, looks like a combination of and and will allow players to create their own islands, characters, scenarios, stories, and games. Its website boasts that you'll be able to "create a completely modifiable island and then place it anywhere in the World."

Decide where you want to live. Choose from five significantly different locations, including polar desert areas, arid regions, tropical rain-forests, taigas and tundras or temperate climate areas. Make your choice wisely, though: each of these areas have their own specific climatic conditions, natural resources, and wildlife.

It certainly seems like an exciting prospect, and considering how big of a fanbase Minecraft has amassed, so long as the game mechanics aren't too unwieldy, players of all ages should have fun creating their own massive islands and worlds to tell stories and create games.

The game itself is already out in early alpha mode for $9.99 on the Bohemia Incubator, though you can get an 60-minute trial for free to give the game a whirl before you commit to that whole ten dollars.

From the few YouTube vids of gameplay already floating around, it seems to start off as a survival game—you're alone and trapped on a deserted island and have to find food, resources, and materials to start building your new home from the ground up.

Original video credit: FergeeeeOnPC on YouTube
Original video credit: FergeeeeOnPC on YouTube

Thanks to Yland's online mode, you can also take advantage of its multiplayer support, which allows you and up to four other players to build and create on the same island or share your worldly creations with other players. That being said, as the game is still in early alpha, its multiplayer mode is still very limited, and the game description warns that you can only currently play multiplayer on the smallest map size.

But Ylands isn't all about building and surviving. You can also go on adventures, explore, fight against island creatures, and craft your own gadgets to help you accomplish various tasks, making your options in game as vast as the limits of your imagination.

Original video credit: FergeeeeOnPC on YouTube
Original video credit: FergeeeeOnPC on YouTube

The devs are already working on more features to be released throughout the course of the game's development. According to the game info page in the Bohemia Incubator, these include:

  • Vehicles.
  • Animal companions.
  • Machines (including programmable robots).
  • Modding support (and an official community platform to share user creations).
  • The ability to create all kinds of custom game types.
  • Improved multiplayer support.

All in all, it looks to be a fun, immersive game that'll appeal to the creator in all of us (not just kids), and I look forward to seeing not only how the game progresses and improves, but the kinds of worlds and creations its players dream up.

Watch the official trailer showing off the kinds of scenarios players can create in Ylands below:

Visit the official Ylands site here.

Download a free trial of Ylands from the Bohemia Incubator here.

So, how about it? Are you a fan of building games? Gonna give Ylands a try? Or think Bohemia Interactive should stick to survival horror? Let us know!


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