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are only weeks away from release, so naturally the anime series is set for Ash and to head to Alola for a Sun and Moon-style adventure.

Unlike past seasons, Ash will not be aiming to collect Gym Badges and enter a Pokémon League. Instead, he will be going to school and setting to complete all the island challenges. So while the main purpose for Ash collecting his Pokémon will change, it is certain he will still collect a new variety of Pokémon from the new region. And thanks to episode titles, we now know which Pokémon he will capture first in . The first six titles of Sun and Moon are:

  • "Alola! New Islands, New Pokémon!!"
  • "Enter the Guardian Deity Tapu Koko! Let Us Attempt To Master Our Z-Move!"
  • "Good Rotomorning, I am the Rotomdex, Roto!"
  • "Enter Rowlet! I Got A Pokémon in Alola!!"
  • "Popplio, Do Your Balloonest!"
  • "Togedemaru: Prickling and Tingling!"
Image Credit:Polygon
Image Credit:Polygon

So it looks like Ash's first Alola Pokémon is going to be the grass-type starter Rowlet! The promotional image did clearly indicate Ash would be catching one, but we now know for sure he will be the first to join Ash and Pikachu. What is most interesting is that the following episode title suggests that Ash or one of his new traveling companions will be capturing the water-type starter Pokémon . If that is the case, we can pretty much be assured the fire-type starter will also join the anime adventures, sooner rather than later.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be released on November 18. Did you think Ash's first Alola Pokémon would be Rowlet? Answer in the comments section below.


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