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This week we revisit Overwatch and our favorite annoying, Britishly not-British character Tracer.

is renowned for her jokes and puns, but is far too serious for joking around. Tracer sets out to use her superhero abilities to, um, make the perfect joke, hoping that Widowmaker might just crack a smile.

Now let's take a look at five awesome skills from new hero Sombra.

5. Invisibility

When she is invisible, turrets cannot detect and target her. If is healing her when she is in visible, she is not revealed to the enemy.

4. Teleporter

Sombra can place a teleporter that will last 15 seconds — that's perfect for getting out of sticky situations, plus other players cannot destroy your beacon.

3. SMG

Her SMG's clip size is massive — especially when compare it to other heroes, such as Tracer. With a magazine size of 60, you can go to town with a mindless spraying of bullets.

2. Opportunistic

This is a passive ability that allows Sombra to see her enemies through walls — as long as their health is below 50 percent!

1. Hacking

Hacking players removes their special abilities. You can also hack health packs to recharge players at three times the normal speed!

What do you love most about Overwatch? Answers in the comments section below.

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