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Sombra hit the Overwatch PTR on Monday, fresh after being announced last week at . The one thing everyone is interested in though: How OP is her hack?

Not entirely OP it seems, her hacks do have restrictions. Sombra cannot hack while taking damage so some heroes may be more dangerous than others. As a general rule, if McCree's Flashbang can stop an ability, so can Sombra's hack. Hacking won't ever stop or prevent a hero's passive ability or main shooting options and she usually cannot affect any objects already thrown or out.

Even Ultimates differ: channeling ults can be disrupted, but continuous ones can't. Sombra's hack often has the same effect as her EMP, but there are a few differences between the two for some abilities and they will be noted.

Sombra's EMP ability.
Sombra's EMP ability.


  • Can hack Swift Strike if you time it early, however if it's already started then it continues the charge and causes damage.
  • Can hack Deflect.
  • Can't hack Genji's ult Dragonblade if it's in progress, but it does prevent him from using his other abilities during it.
  • Can't hack double jump.
  • Can't hack Shuriken.
  • Can't hack Genji's ability to run up walls.


  • Can hack McCree's ult Deadeye.
  • Can't hack Combat Roll.
  • Can't hack Flashbang.
  • Can't stop fan the hammer.


  • Can't stop Pharah's ability to fly (passive ability).
  • Can hack and interrupt Jump Jet.
  • Can stop Concussive Blast if caught early, but not if it's in progress.
  • Can hack Pharah's ult Barrage. However if Barrage is targeting you, EMP is the better way to go so Hack won't be interrupted by taking damage.
Interrupting Reaper's Shadow Step with Hack.
Interrupting Reaper's Shadow Step with Hack.


  • Can hack Shadow Step mid-teleport.
  • Can't hack Wraith Form.
  • Can hack Reaper's ult Death Blossom.

Soldier: 76

  • Can't hack Sprint in progress, but it will stop another Sprint from being cast.
  • Can't hack Biotic Field heal.
  • Can't hack Helix Rockets.
  • Can't hack or interrupt Soldier's ult Tactical Visor, but it does prevent Helix Rockets from being cast during it.


  • Can hack and prevent Sombra from teleporting with Translocator.
  • Can technically hack each other. Since Hack takes a second to go into effect, two Sombras could simultaneously hack the other.
  • Can hack Thermoptic Camo, but only if the enemy Sombra is within range. It doesn't bring her out of invisibility, but it does prevent other abilities.
Tracer's Blink being hacked.
Tracer's Blink being hacked.


  • Can hack Blink, though it may be difficult to pull off due to short time frame.
  • Can hack Recall.
  • Can't hack Tracer's ult Pulse Bomb.


  • Can be hacked during Self-Repair heal.
  • Can hack Sentry mode, which will kick Bastion back to Recon mode.
  • Can't hack Bastion's Tank mode ult.


  • Can hack during arrow swaps, preventing Hanzo from switching to different arrow.
  • Can't hack arrows in progress of being cast, any already nocked on his bow can still shoot but it will then revert back to normal arrow after.
  • Can't hack Hanzo's ult Dragonstrike if it has already fired.
Sombra hacking Junkrat's Rip Tire, but not the tire.
Sombra hacking Junkrat's Rip Tire, but not the tire.


  • Can hack and interrupt Concussion Mine detonation.
  • Can't hack the Concussion Mines.
  • Can't hack Steel Trap or avoid it via invisibility.
  • Can hack Junkrat while he is casting his ult Rip Tire, but can't hack or EMP the actual tire.


  • Mei will be hard to hack, because Endothermic Blaster deals continuous damage and Sombra can't hack while taking damage.
  • Can't hack Cryo-Freeze.
  • Can hack Ice Wall while it is in progress, but it doesn't affect her ability to cancel and bring down the wall.
  • Can't hack Mei's ult Blizzard while in progress.
Sombra hacking Torbjörn's turret.
Sombra hacking Torbjörn's turret.


  • Can hack Turret, though in 1v1 it's better to EMP due to instant activation and no worry of Sombra being interrupted by taking damage.
  • Can hack either Torbjörn or the turret, but hacking one won't also hack the other. To knock both out you'll have to hack each separately.
  • Can't hack or interrupt Build Turret ability.
  • Can't hack Torbjörn's ult Molten Core.


  • Can hack Grappling Hook, causing Widowmaker to drop prematurely.
  • Can't hack Venom Mine.
  • Can't hack Widowmaker's ult Infra-Sight if it has already been cast, but you can hide from it by going invisible after the cast.


  • Can hack Boosters.
  • Can hack Defense Matrix.
  • Can't hack mech if D.Va has already pressed the button.
  • Can't hack D.Va's ult Self-Destruct, but you can hack her after to prevent her from getting back into a mech.
Reinhardt's Barrier Field hacked from above.
Reinhardt's Barrier Field hacked from above.


  • Can hack Barrier Field, but only from behind or above, and it has no effect on the shield's hp.
  • Can EMP through Barrier Field (from any direction), setting it to 0 hp.
  • Can hack Charge, but if you time it too late you can still get impaled on a wall.
  • Can hack Fire Strike, but only while the animation is in progress. If it completes, the Fire Strike still goes out.
  • Technically possible to hack Reinhardt's ult Earthshatter, but it's so quick that it's unlikely to be successful.


  • Can't hack in progress Chain Hook on yourself.
  • Can hack Chain Hook on another player.
  • Can hack Take a Breather heal.
  • Can hack Roadhog's ult Whole Hog.


  • Can hack Jump Pack, but only at the beginning of the jump. If he is already in the air then the jump still goes through.
  • Can't hack from outside through Barrier Projector, but can hack it from inside the barrier.
  • Can EMP from outside through Barrier Projector, destroying it.
  • Can't hack Winston's ult Primal Rage.
Zarya's Barriers with EMP and Hack.
Zarya's Barriers with EMP and Hack.


  • Can't hack Particle Barrier.
  • Can EMP Projected Barrier. EMP will destroy barrier and hack the person inside.
  • Hacking or EMP on Zarya with barrier will give her charge for the amount destroyed.
  • Can't hack Zarya's ult Graviton Surge unless you catch it early before it actually goes out.


  • Can't hack Sleep Dart.
  • Can't hack Biotic Grenade.
  • Can't hack Ana's ult Nano Boost from her or teammates.


  • Can stop wall run.
  • Can't hack current song, but prevents it from changing.
  • Can hack Crossfade, preventing switching between heal/speed modes with hack.
  • Can't hack Amp It Up, the effect will continue.
  • Can hack Lúcio's ult Sound Barrier during activation, but can't hack it if it already went out.
  • Can destroy all ult barriers with EMP (unless cast started before EMP).


  • Can't hack Angelic Descent (passive), but can hack her Guardian Angel.
  • Can't hack Caduceus Staff.
  • Can't hack Mercy's ult Resurrect.


  • Can't hack Sentry Turrets, but can hack and interrupt Symmetra while she's building a turret.
  • Can't hack Symmetra's ult Teleporter.


  • Can't stop or affect Orb of Discord already on players, but hacking Zenyatta prevents him from putting new ones out.
  • Can't stop Zenyatta's ult Transcendance (immune to hack and EMP).

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