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When it comes to Overwatch, Blizzard's newest franchise, we've been consuming as many portions of the fandom as possible. The game has received healthy amounts of fan-made content, everything from comics and short stories, to *ahem adult-oriented content ahem*, and even some amazing cosplays that's amazed and delighted. What we see here is nothing out of the norm.

Elsewhere in the world, with Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon coming out this week, fans are lining up in an attempt to find out as much as they can about these two new titles. South Korean artist Han Seok-bum has got in on the action and decided to show off his crossover art that does a rather nice job of combining the two franchises. Seok-bum does a great job of capturing the essence of each of the characters. Lets take a peek at his handiwork.


Courtesy of Han Seok-bum.
Courtesy of Han Seok-bum.

"Cheers love, the cavalry's here!"

If I were to hear that remark in , I'd almost be sure that was on its way. Who doesn't want to see this little fluffy ball of electricity bolting across the fields before zapping its enemy to pieces, only to rewind back to where it started? That is definitely something that Tracerchu seems like it'd be completely capable of doing in the heat of combat.


Courtesy of Han Seok-bum.
Courtesy of Han Seok-bum.

"I've got you in my sights!"

If there's any time I'd be fleeing across Watchpoint: Gibraltar, it'd be when seeing a Blaster-76 coming my way. If there was anything like a Pokémon in the Overwatch universe, it'd be a with Soldier-76's abilities coming my way and locking on his water cannons.


Courtesy of Han Seok-bum.
Courtesy of Han Seok-bum.

"Experience tranquility."

If there was any time in Pokémon that this would work, and would be an almost perfect combination. The idea of photosynthesis allowing for this depiction is amazing. If this big guy came into battle via Pokémon, I'd be pretty sure I'd be running for the hills to get away from his capabilities.


Courtesy of Han Seok-bum.
Courtesy of Han Seok-bum.

"No one escapes my sights!"

is already a vicious enemy when it comes to trainer battles. This snaky guy already possess some of Pokémon's greatest abilities and has proven himself as one of 's most vicious helpers. If anyone could easily give a run for her money, Arbok is definitely the one to do it, which makes this slithering agent of Team Rocket a valuable player. If any group needs to recruit this guy, it's definitely Talon.

No one has captured the characters of both games quite like Han Seok-bum, who's bringing the best elements of the game to life with a dashing crossover that has made me wish and could team up for a game called Pokéwatch. Now just to wait and see if he does a cross over of and .

Pokémon Sun and Moon is released November 18. Before you tell me about the mashups you'd like to see, check out the official game trailer below.

[Source: Han Seok-bum]


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