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Pokemon Sun and Moon has been out for a few days now, and so far everyone is loving it. These past few days represent the blink of an eye for us mere mortals, but an eternity in the universe, or at least plenty of time for the more curious aspects of the games to be unearthed. Who knew Sun and Moon had so many secrets?

The Best 'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Mysteries & Secrets

Thanks to some good old-fashioned elbow grease and the passion of the Pokémon community, here are some of the best mysteries and secrets that we've uncovered. But before we begin, have you seen the crazy new Legendaries in Pokémon Sun and Moon?

1. Who Is Poké Pelago's Mohn?

Perhaps we've all wondered where our Pokémon go when we deposit them in the PCs spread throughout the Pokémon universe. Frankly, the idea of being stuck in a computer doesn't sound comfortable for anyone, let alone our darling Poké friends. Fortunately, at least in Alola, our Pokémon don't just get crammed into the computer—they go to Poké Pelago!

[Credit: Nintendo]
[Credit: Nintendo]

While we stroll around this area, we meet a man named Mohn. Does that name sound familiar? That's because we've heard about a Professor Mohn from Lillie, who tells us that he was the first scientist to discover Ultra . She also tells us that Mohn is her father and that he disappeared during an attempt to access one of said holes.

Professor Mohn gets mentioned a few times more throughout the game in relation to the wormholes. Doesn't seem too far-fetched to think that perhaps we've found our guy in this beautiful expanse of, erm, stored Pokémon.

2. You Can Get A Second Copy Of Your Cover Legendary Pokémon!

[Credit: Nintendo]
[Credit: Nintendo]

Sun and Moon fever definitely has us seeing double, but now we know that our version-specific Legendary Pokémon can be included in all of this duplicate fun. Cosmog, the cloud Pokémon that lives in Lillie's bag, eventually joins you on your journey and evolves into the Legendary Pokémon on the cover of your game. Later in your adventure, after traveling to an alternate dimension in the Altar of Sunne/Moone, you have the opportunity to get a second Cosmog!

While the initial hope was that this Cosmog would evolve into the legendary cover Pokémon of the opposite game, this Cosmog's final evolution is the same as the one you already have—but it can still serve a purpose! If you pair up with a friend that has also acquired a copy of their cover Legendary, you could trade your copy with their's to get exactly what you're looking for.

3. The Mystery Of The Null-Type Pokémon Solved

[Credit: Nintendo]
[Credit: Nintendo]

Type Null Pokémon show up intermittently through Pokémon Sun and Moon, and for a while we have no idea where they came from or why they look the way they do. Enter the Aether Foundation, located on the artificial island known as Aether Paradise.

Members of the Pokémon community have found that Null-type Pokémon were originally created as Full-type Pokémon for the purpose of fighting Ultra Beasts. Created with the best and most powerful aspects of all Pokémon in mind, Full type creatures didn't have masks. After an unfortunate reaction to the type-changing experiments, these creatures went berserk and the masks were applied to control them. They were then cryogenically frozen and officially given the Null-type name.

Eventually, you're able to have a Null-type creature of your own—some time after they are freed by Lusamine.

4. Anabel's Origin Story Revealed (Sort Of)

[Credit: Nintendo]
[Credit: Nintendo]

There is a lot that we know about Anabel, but there are some things we don't kno—namely, her origin. This is arguably still a mystery, but there are some clues that have bubbled to the surface via in-game information and some text dump data.

Anabel is what's known as a Faller, humans that travel through Ultra Wormholes in order to help learn more about Ultra Beasts. Anabel is a pretty useful monster magnet: because she comes to us through a Wormhole, she is covered in its energy and that energy attracts creatures from other dimensions. Perhaps this makes us Fallers as well.

Going back to the third-generation games, Anabel also appears in the Battle Frontier feature. Though her presence there only serves to raise more questions...

5. Getting A Shiny Starter Pokémon Is Possible!

[Credit: Arkkeg Pokemon Deviantart]
[Credit: Arkkeg Pokemon Deviantart]

This one is a bit on the tedious side, but certainly pays for the patient players among us. It is entirely possible to get a shiny starter. You will know if you've received one when you get to the screen asking you to choose a nickname. If not, a simple restart is the way to go about getting a new one. It's pure chance whether they'll be shiny or not though.

The downside to this method is that it takes roughly two minutes to get to the nickname screen each time you restart, since the starter Pokémon will not appear shiny during the cutscene. It may also take quite a few resets to make this happen. But if you really want that special one right from the beginning, it may be a struggle worth the effort.

For more on how to do this, read:

6. Lillie's Mysterious Trip To Kanto Explained

[Credit: Nintendo]
[Credit: Nintendo]

We've already touched on Lillie's story while trying to learn a bit more about Mohn. However, there's a bit more mystery in Lillie's life that surrounds her trip to Kanto, the area in which the original Pokémon game takes place.

The brains of the Pokémon community have found that Lillie visits Kanto to find a cure for her mother Lusamine, who was poisoned after fusing with an Ultra Beast called Nihilego. Wicke of the Aether Foundation tells you that Bill the PC Guy (inventor of the Pokémon storage system) experienced a similar bout of poisoning and was able to use a teleporter to cure himself. Bill was located in the Kanto region. Lillie: A lady with a mission!

7. All Four Guardian Pokémon Are Catchable!

[Credit: Nintendo]
[Credit: Nintendo]

Each of the four islands of Alola has a guardian Pokémon—that's general knowledge. What isn't quite as known is the fact that these guardian Pokémon are all catchable, once you become a champion, that is.

After you become a champion, you can go to the ruins of each island and summon the guardian by touching the statue on the altar. Come prepared with and brace yourself for a tough fight with some pretty grand rewards.

While so many things have already been uncovered, there is no doubt that we've only scratched the surface in the early days of this game's release. I'm sure there's lots for us to look forward to.

Which Sun and Moon mysteries are you most curious about?

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