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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Whether it's 's eject messages referencing lines from our favorite movies and series, or the mystery of 's Mt. Chiliad finally being decoded after three years, we all love a video game easter egg and are quite proficient at locating them. Eventually at least!

Take 's infamous "Rat-Man", Doug Rattman for instance. Part-character, part-easter egg, part-whistleblower of falsified baked treats, Ratman's influence on the game hangs heavy as you begin noticing his hastily scribbled messages and dens dotted on and hidden within the walls of Aperture Science's test chamber.

Rat-Man's lair in 'Portal 2' [Nerd Reactor]
Rat-Man's lair in 'Portal 2' [Nerd Reactor]

With one seriously creepy mystery and one seriously catchy phrase in "the cake is a lie", "Rat-Man" swiftly became a pretty intrinsic part of gamer culture, and not afraid of tipping their hat to fandoms and cult oddities themselves, devs TT Games slipped a little homage to ol' Dougy-boy into ' base game.

An homage so tricky to get, it took a crack team of insanely patient gamers over a year to find.

Gamers Finally Found A Portal Easter Egg In Lego Dimensions After Over A Year Of Toil

Have you seen the brilliant trailer for LEGO Dimensions: Portal? You should!

The sole survivor of GLaDOS' horrible neurotoxin attacks on the facility, "Rat-Man" can be found in four of the nine test chambers in 'Aperture Science Enrichment Center (GLaD To See You)'. And in order to do so you will need to have unlocked Chell and gotten your brick shaped hands on a flying vehicle with a significant speed boost.

Now there's a Rat-Man... [BricksToLife]
Now there's a Rat-Man... [BricksToLife]

If you fancy locating him yourself, YouTuber Disney Dan put together a pretty thorough walkthrough of how to catch a glimpse of the slippery customer.

Pretty impressive feat by TT Games and by the gamers who went to painstaking lengths to try and find him!

What's the greatest easter egg you've found in a game?

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