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Fall. The most magical time of the year, when you watch your bank account dwindle and your Christmas cheer begin to rise. No doubt the best thing that happens around this time of year is the video games sales, and nowhere has crazier discounts than the Steam Autumn Sale, where there are masses of games to spend your hard-earned cash on. So here is a list of 10 games to buy in the sale, covering a variety of genres and styles. With only a day left before the sale ends, now is the time to start hoarding the games!

10. Steam Controller And Link

I have started this list with not a game but a piece of hardware. Despite the Steam Hardware being hyped up, it didn't seem to take off. With as much as 60 percent currently being knocked off the retail price, the Controller is selling for $34.99 and the Link for $19.99. At the end of the day, it is always fun to try to play your Steam games on the big screen.

9. Stardew Valley

As an advocate of any game that encourages the art of relaxing and farming, Stardew Valley is a farming simulation RPG that will leave you feeling happy — and not noticing that five hours have passed. Similar to Harvest Moon, your character is a young person, fed up with working in the city who chooses to instead work on a farm that has been left to you by your grandfather. The game is based around building up your farm, tending your crops, going into the mines to fight slime, fishing, falling in love and getting married.

There are a lot of hidden gems to find within , and while it's not perfect, it was created by one independent developer, Eric Barone, who has kept making improvements and patches. Currently costing $9.99, this is definitely the game for you if you fancy tackling a massive project and have time to spare.

8. Medieval II: Total War

If you're a history buff, believe you could have won every ancient battle going, and consider yourself a tactical mastermind, then the series is the gaming franchise for you. With each title focusing on a different era and the battles within, you can release your inner , or perhaps your secret Roman emperor. Medieval II does seem to give you a little bit more bang for your buck, being a well-balanced game offering up a variety of nations with distinct backgrounds, and different strategies can be utilized to keep each game diverse and exciting. No two campaigns will feel similar. With a price tag of just $9.99, this real-time game of strategy will have you feeling like a conquerer in no time.

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7. This War Of Mine

Sometimes, you just need a game that is not about sunshine and rainbows. This War of Mine is a game, filled with grit and difficult decisions against the backdrop of a war-torn country, in which your character is a civilian trying to survive. There are very few times when you feel safe within this game, with the constant threat of your home being raided, having to go out and scavenge for food and resources, and encountering hostile people.

There does not feel like a correct way to play This War of Mine, as the moral decisions you face within every campaign will make you you question and second-guess yourself. This game is currently selling on Steam for $3.99 which, for such a beautifully made game, gives you no excuse not to play it.

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6. Rise Of The Tomb Raider

If you have a buffed-up PC and fancy looking at some very stunning views, then Rise of the Tomb Raider is a game you must consider. Despite poor sales when it was initially released early in the year, there is no doubt this game has helped build up the series, with our favorite heroine back to uncover long-forgotten tombs and to clear her father's name. There is a variety of things to do within this game; while there are not as many puzzles to solve, the storyline will keep you engaged. Despite being at the pricier end of the sale spectrum, at $29.99, it's still a really good price for a AAA game, especially one that can give you hours of enjoyment. Just try to avoid the bears — they are scarier than the wolves!

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5. Don't Starve

The gameplay is literally what it says in the title. is a survival game with a dash of thrown in, in which you're stranded in a land where everything is seemingly trying to kill you. Every item in the game serves a purpose, and you will find that the more you learn, the longer you will survive. This is a game where dying is not necessarily a bad thing; it simply means you get to start again and would have learned a new lesson. There are different characters to play who all have their strengths and weaknesses. For the price of $3.74, if you already have it, you could always try co-op with Don't Starve Together.

4. The Sims 3

There is something so satisfying and horribly addictive about playing any game. For the uninitiated, this is a life simulation where you make a human, build houses, control lives — what they eat, what they do, their health, their social interactions, everything. At a certain point it does feel like you're just spending your life trying to make a Sims life better than your own, but it is so much fun. Watch the hours fly buy and wonder where your own life choices went so wrong, even debate if you are Sim yourself! While The Sims 3 is a generation behind, you can get it for a song at just $4.99, and the expansions range for the same price.

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3. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes

This game really only applies to you if have access to a device, but if do and you're planning on having friends over, this is a game that will have everyone laughing. With one player using the VR headset and everyone else with the instructions, the aim is to communicate with each other in an attempt to defuse a bomb within a set time period. With a variety of elements, complicated instructions and distractions along the way, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes will have you testing your friendships and determining whether you're a good communicator or not — all for the price of $7.49

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2. Hotline Miami

Blood, gore, violence, bright lights, more blood! Hotline Miami is not for those who want a tactical ; it's all about being quick, getting into the building, shooting everyone inside, and walking out. With different weapons and different tactics, if you think you're good at topdown shooters, you really should try testing yourself with . It may not be the prettiest game, but it is oddly entertaining and forces you to be super fast with your mouse and keyboard. Currently on sale for $2.49, at such a low price if you don't end up enjoying it, no harm no foul.

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1. Limbo

This is one of those games where you will get frustrated, you will die a lot, and they are sudden and dramatic deaths. All you need to know is that you are a shadow that looks like a boy and who exists in a dark and dangerous world. Why are you there? There are many theories bit nobody really knows why. All you know is that you are alone and everything wants to kill you. is one of the most satisfying games I have played, because one you have finished you really feel a sense of accomplishment. This platformer is beautiful in its own way, thought provoking, but more than anything, you want to help this young boy through the world. If this game does not make you want to cry, I'm not sure what will. This one is selling at the Steam Autumn Sale for just $1.99.

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The Steam Autumn Sale is going until 10 a.m. PST tomorrow morning. Get in there quick! What are you planning to fork out for?


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