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has long been a staple of video game history, with its cult-like following of cosplayers around the world, and the lure of the series has only increased over the years. With ever-increasing excitement surrounding the release of Link's coming adventure, it's a great time to delve deep into the archives of the previous adventures and cherry-pick some of the lesser-known facts about the The Legend of Zelda.

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1. The Original NES Cartridge Is Worth Serious $$$

At the time of the release for the first of Link's adventures, the game was presented as a shiny gold cartridge, compatible with 's NES console. An original copy of this would sell for a fortune, but there was a more common cartridge that was colored a slightly more staid shade of yellow. One of these cartridges recently sold online for nearly $150,000, so now may be a good time to rush into your old games crate and search for this hidden gem.

2. Chronologically, The First Zelda Game Is The Last

Yes, you read correctly. Link's first adventure is his last in terms of the timeline of his history. The plot of the series is complicated, given the inclusion of time travel across the titles and the sudden changes between young and old Link. It has been noted that the first two titles take place in an alternate universe, in which Link never defeated in the . Crazy to think, right?

3. Link And Mario Share The Same Creator

The godfather of Nintendo Shigeru Miyamoto created cult legends like Donkey Kong and . As well as all these characters, Miyamoto also had a hand in creating The Legend of Zelda franchise. His aim with Zelda was to develop a game that focused on exploration rather than simple goal-based objectives or the mass collection of items. Miyamoto has said that as a child he was inspired by exploration, a time when he would head into the woods to tour caves and fields. He described Zelda as "a miniature garden that [players] can put inside their drawer."

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4. Ocarina Of Time Was Nearly Given A First-Person Viewpoint

At the time of its 1998 release, it was rumored that Ocarina of Time would be a first-person game, which would have drastically altered its gameplay mechanics. I suppose it was a big ask for consoles at the time. The decision to make this game a first-person style was ultimately decided against due to the developers feeling that gamers would not want to see through the eyes of Link. In hindsight it's unfortunate that this never came to pass as a game like this would have been a welcomed addition to the franchise.

5. Zelda Was Almost The Original Minecraft

The original game was intended to be released on a floppy disk format, which would allow people to have access to the game's data and give them the ability to edit it in any way they wanted to. It was intended that users would create their own dungeons for Link to explore, then share their edits with other users who could try to beat them, almost like an original . The idea was dropped as soon as Nintendo switch from floppy disk to cartridge format.

6. Young Link Was Voiced By A Woman

This is not an alien concept for voice overs. Bart Simpson is voiced by a woman, as well as Tommy from Rugrats. Voice actress Fujiko Takimoto lent her talents to both Ocarina of Time and , gifting us with that famous "hyaaaaaa!" attack noise. Takimoto has also appeared as Taki from Soulcalibur and Young Mewtwo in the anime series Pocket Monsters.

7. The Secret Bonus Room In A Link To The Past

It's long been the norm for developers to include hidden rooms in video games. Certainly it was a common occurrence to stumble across a hidden place with some of the older games around the time of A Link to the Past's released. The secret room within this game was very challenging to find, and involved the use of either the Pegasus boots or self-inflicted damage caused by bombs. Those lucky enough to discover the secret room could see the name Chris Houlihan, who was the winner of a Nintendo Power magazine competition.

8. Tingle Is Almost As Popular As Link In Japan

The cartographer companion of Link has had, let's just say, rather mixed reviews from the United States and European reviewers, but Japan have seemingly fallen in love with him — so much so that he had his own standalone series. Bizarre.

9. The Original Game Can Be Beaten In Under 30 Minutes

Speed running has become a popular practice for users, including for those who are fans of The Legend of Zelda. The user known as LackAttack24 holds the current world record for speed running the game. He has set the marker high and has yet to be beaten, with a time of 28 minutes, 50 seconds. I have no idea how many hours he had to put into creating this record, but the dedication is impressive.

10. The Game Was Not Originally Called The Legend Of Zelda

When the game was first released in Japan, it was called The Legend Of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy, which was a bit of a mouthful. I am glad it was shortened, as the chosen title has much more of a ring to it than its previous essay-like one. would not have been known upon the first game's release, so it seems pointless to include this in the title. Save that for a later date when the lure of Link's world was more in the public's consciousness.

The next game in the franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will be released in 2017. Check out the trailer below and tell us about any additional tidbits you know about Zelda and co.



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