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By the nine divines! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has skyrocketed back into the hearts of the public with its remastered release on the and , but the room for change is small. You have to go all the way back to its original release on the PC to see the really good modifications to the game.

Now, we all know of the obvious mods that have been utilized, such as realistic graphics, increased levels of wildlife, more trees, better A.I. and increased textures, but those ones are not all that fun. I mean, it's the same game, only prettier. Delving into the world of the weird and wonderful, I present to you the most bizarre modifications you can find to enhance your stay in the ever-expanding world of .

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Really Useful Dragons

Have you ever wondered what the world would be like if characters from Thomas the Tank Engine became feral, learnt to fly and breathed fire? No? Then you're missing out. If that thought alone isn't peculiar enough, you really need to check out a giant flying red train attacking a village, of course with the classic "choo-choo" sound accompanying rather than a 's roar. Quite the wild adventure for Thomas and the gang this week.

My Little Pony

These modders really don't like dragons, do they? Here you can switch them to the cuddly yet deadly characters from the television series. They may be adorable, but they pack a punch, quickly resembling rather than the cute and innocent ponies. If the dragons are too much, you could just convert the ridable horses throughout the game into ponies, which is the much sweeter option.

The Heartbreaker

Death in its many forms welcomes many people throughout the world of Skyrim, but some people don't find it brutal enough. This modification allows the death cutscenes and animations to take on a whole new level of brutality. Imagine if you mixed Mortal Kombat with Elder Scrolls — this would be the result. You also gain more items through killing people this way, like human hearts, and you can never have too many of those in your inventory.

No More Spiders

The world always needs a hero to come and save the day — or crawl around in a quirky manner and shoot spiderwebs at you. Yes, you can convert those annoying arachnids into your friendly neighborhood . Seems a bit pointless at first, yet it provides hours of entertainment, especially when you forget you have it installed and happen to come across a Spidey lurking in a cave.

Hooray For Me, Dr. Zoidberg

Who doesn't love ? The friendly crustacean from the animated TV series Futurama appears here as a mud crab. His memorable noises and quotes are even included. Seeing a large pink crab approaching you, making silly noises, really is quite hilarious, especially when you're engrossed in gameplay.

The Cream Rises To The Top!

Ohhh, yeah! Dig it! "Macho Man" Randy Savage returns to the modding community, this time larger and better than ever. All the in-game dragons are replaced with Randy, spouting his famous one-liners. This is the greatest of them all and provides hours of entertainment. The level of design and detail that has gone into this modification is admirable.

So which has been your favorite modification on the list? Hit up the comments section below.



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