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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Remember back at the beginning of the year—or at least during the first quarter—when gamers and the gaming media were adamant that was slipping further and further down the pecking order in the hardware market?

Wii U sales were at a disastrous low, the NX, now Nintendo Switch, was still to be a very distant dream and the New 3DS wasn't selling as well as the gaming giants hoped. I guess staring at those facts was enough to send the most rational of thinkers sprinting to the tower, panting laboriously as they hurriedly sounded the deathknell to warn of impending doom.

With this news ringing dully in our ears, reports of the House of Mario searching for alternative sources of capital started to echo through the web. Is Nintendo really thinking of heading back into the cinema? Wait, they're gonna license off their treasure trove of characters so hygiene specialists can adorn their toothbrushes with Yoshi? Hold up...Nintendo is getting its own theme park?!

Nintendo And Universal Release Teaser Commercial For New Theme Park

Despite it seeming like the most farfetched idea, Nintendo has released a video discussing the joint venture with Universal Parks & Resorts that will bring Nintendo's most famous worlds and characters to areas within Universal's theme parks in Japan, Hollywood and Orlando.

Nintendo's legendary creative director Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal creative Mark Woodbury were on hand to bring the spin.

Announced in a press release, each park will open separately within the next few years, whilst Nintendo and Universal are tinkering away and "working very hard to create attractions that can be equally enjoyable to anyone regardless of age", so says Miyamoto-san. And if it comes from his mouth, you can kinda imagine that's exactly what's happening behind the scenes.

Mark Woodbury [Credit: Nintendo]
Mark Woodbury [Credit: Nintendo]

Both parties really made a conscious effort to highlight the fantastical realism that the Nintendo world at Universal Theme Parks will promise to bring, with Woodbury commenting that it will feel "as if they just walked into their game platform", which is both as terrifying as it is amazing.

Shigeru Miyamoto [Credit: Nintendo]
Shigeru Miyamoto [Credit: Nintendo]

All I'm saying is, if there's a Metroid-themed area to the park, I'm sold. Miyamoto-san joked when he said "since we're really bringing the world to life, I think Mario will feel like he finally came home!" It's not just Mario, dude! You may have just created a haven for all Nintendites!

What do you think? Looking forward to Nintendo at Universal Theme Parks?


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