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The recent Foundation Update to No Man's Sky introduced the first iteration of base building. Players are going wild, creating their unique planetary homestead — and testing the system's limitations. Most notably, players have discovered there are ways to bypass the game's height limit.

Beyond the height limit, there's also a limit on the number of objects a player can place in the game world. Luckily, PC players have figured out how to disable that limit, too. The gallery below is a step-by-step walkthrough for disabling the limit through Steam.

Kotaku's Gita Jackson covered 10 of the coolest No Man's Sky bases made so far while providing some great background on its architectural roots.

Brutalist architecture is, generally speaking, massive in scale and emphasizes the building’s foundations. If this sounds pretty sci fi already, it’s because it was meant to—it was often associated with utopian, forward thinking ideals on how to reshape economically depressed cities, with a particular association with socialism. Paradoxically, this makes it feel pretty congruous with No Man’s Sky’s lonely, explorative, and constantly changing landscapes.

But in addition to Gita's highlights of the coolest of the cool, there are plenty of bases out there which range from wacky to awful. Take, for example, Affron's laundromat:

Even in space, clean undies are essential. Especially when fleeing StarFox-McCloud's evil empire:

Luckily, there's more to No Man's Sky than chores and defending the galaxy from StarFox's tyranny. If you're after a little cheer, look no further than FINDTHESUN's jungle gym. And as for Redditor miraculous-, we're pretty sure they're playing the wrong game entirely.

And some people? Well, they build exactly what you'd expect them to build.

StupendousDan is, perhaps, the most admirable of all. When faced with limitless possibilities, he settles down on a scenic plot of land in cozy isolation.

Have you tried No Man's Sky's base building yet? Show us your creations!


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