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Who could have expected to see Nintendo's world-famous console back on Christmas lists over 30 years on from its release?

The return of the #NES comes right at the end of 2016 when all the nostalgia-loving gamers of the world will look to the miniaturized form of their earlier years as the only thing they ask Santa for. And although Nintendo gave it a recommended retail price of $60, Santa's gonna have to fork out some serious dollar for this seemingly elusive console.

Then again Sega has also countered with the return of the Genesis/Mega Drive, so we may yet see a legacy battle for the retro throne this winter...

Comparison of the old and new Mega Drive [Credit: Sega]
Comparison of the old and new Mega Drive [Credit: Sega]

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The Controller Issue

As fun as playing the NES all over again—or for the first time—sounds, there is one glaring problem:

The controller cable is really short.

It literally is.
It literally is.

How short exactly? About 30 inches — a whole lot shorter than the original cable. This means you're gonna have to have the NES Classic super near to you as you play it, which will likely be way too close to the TV. My parents would have a fit if they saw me playing Metroid within licking distance of the screen.

"Don't sit so close to the screen or your eyes will go square!"

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Kanye will never Touch The Sky now... [Credit:]
Kanye will never Touch The Sky now... [Credit:]

There is a point to it - this new NES has an ability to 'suspend points'. This means you can pause and save your game with the click of a single button, allowing you to go back to the menu, play other games, and come back to your save point later. And it's this button that creates the issue.

I imagine the conversation about it went a little like this:

Intern: "Let's put the pause/save button on the console"

Nintendo: "But won't it be annoying for players to have to go all the way to the console to pause?"

Intern: "Well instead of bringing the button to the player, let's bring the player to the button!"

Nintendo: "Go on..."

Intern: "We'll make the controller cable so short that they have to have the console almost in their lap!"

Nintendo: *clap clap clap*

That's right — the button for this feature is found on the console itself, so you have to be close enough to push fast if you're wanting to save mid-game:

That's the one. [Credit: Nintendo]
That's the one. [Credit: Nintendo]

Oh, and thanks for calling the pause/save button 'RESET'...

The Problem-Solver

The 8Bitdo wireless receiver [Credit:]
The 8Bitdo wireless receiver [Credit:]

This cool combo of receiver-stick and wireless-transmitting controller from tech-tinkerers 8Bitdo will allow you total freedom to become unbound by cables...and then bound again by the bluetooth receiver's max range, whilst playing NES Classic Edition.

The controller, in another nostalgia-bending but welcomed change, has four buttons on the right instead of the traditional two. But it's a much needed alternative to the short cable issue, you get a few extra buttons and it can be pre-ordered here for $40 with a view to release on Dec 16.

Still interested in the NES Classic Edition? Nintendo has supplied some gameplay footage with one of the hosts nailing a run of Area 1 in Super C:

Desperately want a NES Classic Edition and a bluetooth controller? Thoughts on wireless controllers? Love the Drake song Controlla? Write all your controller-related comments down below!