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It seems Santa has deemed most Overwatch players good this year, as they will be in for an early Christmas treat in the very near future. That's at least what some datamining heroes of men are predicting after doing some thorough digging in the game files.

According to the predictions we should be getting four new maps, one of them being an event similar to Junkenstein's Revenge, which we saw in during Halloween. Also, one of the maps — and possibly all of them — are going to be Holiday-themed. So expect to do battle surrounded by excessive amounts of colorful light bulbs, gift-wrapped garden gnomes and holly. Holly everywhere.

Costumes & Emotes For the Masses

Which hero gets which we're not really sure about.
Which hero gets which we're not really sure about.

11 heroes (Widowmaker, Reinhardt, Mercy, Symmetra, Reaper, Sombra, Roadhog, D. Va, Ana, Soldier: 76 and Lucio) are getting either a costume, an emote or a highlight intro, while 7 heroes (Winston, McCree, Mei, Pharah, Zarya, Tracer and Zenyatta) are getting two of the three.

And as Santa's favorite Torbjörn will be getting all three: An emote, a costume and a highlight intro. Which is what leads us to believe that...

The Santabjörn Cometh

Santabjörn confirmed. Right?
Santabjörn confirmed. Right?

The dataminer's best guess is that the new Holiday stuff will drop on December 13 and continue for a full three weeks.

What are you hoping for in the upcoming maps and updates?


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