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I don't know about the rest of you, but looking at these is like pouring gas on the fire of my fandom. These artists are fantastic, and I appreciate and applaud their talent! Join me in appreciating this awesome Legend of Zelda art and encouraging the talented artists to keep creating.

1. The Hardest Battle Lies Within

by Brady Goldsmith

2. Through The Night

by Orioto

3. Light To Bright

by R-S Raven

4. Bad Moon Rising

via Nintendo Life

5. Leaving The Forest

by Kgoggles

6. Do Not Grieve For Me

by Brady Goldsmith

7. The Great Wave Of Kanagawa

by Knoll Gilbert

8. Minuet Of Forest

by katiedesousa

9. VSDemise

by R-S Raven

10. Death Mountain

by Emortal982

11. Farore's Wind

by Yamoshi

12. The Final Battle

by Yamoshi

13. Conquer Yourself

by thatLD

14. Zero Hours Remain

by Yamoshi

15. Saria's Song

by MPdigitalART

16. Zelda

by Fernosaur

17. Light The Way

by Brady Goldsmith

18. Bring Him Back Safely

by R-S Raven

19. The Sorcerer Of Winds

by Fernosaur

20. Twilight

by Yamoshi

21. Dark Beast Fight

by Irete

22. Dawn Of The First Day

by Brady Goldsmith

23. Hiden In Your Shadow

by Irete

24. Among Relatives

by Yamoshi

25. Conquer Yourself

by R-S Raven

26. Stone Tower Climb

by Yamoshi

27. Queen Gohma

by Vincent Bisschop

28. The Great Deku Tree Concept

by Siga4BDN

29. Musical Grass

by Yamoshi

30. Puppet Zelda

by Alderion-Al

31. Princess Zelda - O Son Do Ar

by DarthiaWolf

32. Ganondorf

by d-torres

33. The Legend Of Zelda: Hero Of Time

by iliasPatlis

What about you? What is your favorite Zelda or artists? Favorite Zelda game? Leave your comments below!


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