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As the year of 2016 completes its last few spiral swirls down the drain of history and we desperately distract ourselves with explosions, we can take comfort that society is advancing in at least one field, progressing onwards toward achieving the most noble goal of all. I'm talking of course, about making run on everything in the world.

Doom 2 Now Runs On A Keyboard Key, Apparently

Reddit user AyrA_ch posted a mind-bending video in the /r/videos subreddit, showing off what may be the most minute display of a Doom game ever achieved. Using an Optimus Maximus programable keyboard, the maverick Redditor managed to reprogram a single 48 by 48 pixel display key to run Doom 2. Surprisingly, you can actually tell what's going on.

They also installed their favorite mods, because why play vanilla? The key display system can't actually run video, so AyrA_ch came up with an ingenious work around. The main display is constantly taking screenshots which are then updated to the key's display as fast as possible, resulting in a slightly laggy, but still playable game of Doom 2.

For those of you wanting to try this at home, be warned that the Optimus Maximus keyboard is $1500, and also isn't being made anymore, so you might have a little trouble getting ahold of one of your own. Luckily we have AyrA_ch to show us all the other cool things we could be doing with the luxury keyboard, like making it display dickbutt and requests for nudes.

Ah the wonders of technology. I can only assume that when we invent nano-tech micro-displays the first thing that we'll see on them is memes and Doom.

You can find more videos by AyrA_ch on their Youtube channel.

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(Source: Reddit)


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