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The official website of the upcoming Resident Evil movie has given us a closer look at the characters set to star in the CG film taking place after the events of Resident Evil 6. The player characters include longtime fan favorites Chris Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, as well as Rebecca Chambers, a returning character from the earliest titles in the series' chronology.

Yep, that's Leon. Looks like he shaved the stubble he had going in . But he's still rocking the same hair he had when he was 21. He also seems to be keeping up the tradition of getting a new leather jacket with each installment.

Rebecca returns for the first time since Resident Evil Zero! Or, well, since the first game, chronologically speaking. She looks great; I'm actually surprised it took this long for her to show up again.

Who the? Is that? Chris Redfield?

Looks like all the hard drinking he did in RE6 took its toll. Why can't decide what it wants this guy to look like? Every three or four years he morphs into a completely different person.

I'm convinced that "Chris Redfield" might actually be its own organization of people operating under a single name. Anyway, moving on.

And here we have totally-not-Albert Wesker, who may or may not be involved with creating bio-organic weapons of some form or another.

Sink Or Float?

I have mixed feelings about the Resident Evil films, which carry the honor of taking place in the same universe as the games, unlike their live-action counterparts. The feel of works best within the framework of a game, and is given an opportunity to shine through player agency. The earlier titles impart a claustrophobic feeling of horror and relative helplessness to sell the atmosphere, whereas the more action-oriented titles use a sense of immediate danger and reliance on reflexes to create a similarly thrilling tone.

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The CG movies don't have any of this going for them — there are no enemy encounters, puzzles, or even interactive cutscenes to break up the campy horror story that this universe is known to tell. As such, they suffer a bit. The series is at its best when it tells its story through the files scattered across each game. There are no files in these films — only words and actions. However, despite this, the vibe of the series has definitely been carried through in the last two CG films, and they are still enjoyable horror romps.

It is cool that they are canon to the game's stories, and frequently make an effort to throw a bone to fans of the series. Tricell showed up in Resident Evil: Degeneration before it showed up in Resident Evil 5, so it's entirely possible that this game will end up linking to the upcoming Resident Evil 7 in some way. Either way, it's nice to see Rebecca again after so long.

Resident Evil: Vendetta has been set for a spring 2017 release.


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