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One of the great things about video game fandom is how games inspire their players to create their own works of art as loving tributes. Sometimes this involves re-creating game items in real life. Other times it's about changing the way a game is played, or even making your own games inspired by the originals. Some cinematically-inclined fans actually make short films based on their favorite games.

One fan, a YouTuber by the name of ParagonDS, has poured his uh, soul, into a machinima video series that aims to act as a prequel to Dark Souls 3, fleshing out the details of the game's backstory. The first episode has been uploaded to YouTube, and I have to say, the direction is impressive.

Watch 'Hope', the first episode of the Dark Souls 3 machinima series:

ParagonDS nails the aesthetic direction and mood of the series, and it looks like he's got a good enough handle on Dark Souls lore to make a good prequel story. Story in Souls games often has a historical aspect to it. You play as an undead in a world that's already been hollowed out, it's basically post apocalyptic. Along your journey, you find clues and the occasional exposition about the world-changing events that took place before the action, but it'll be nice to see them actually played out, machinima style, as a web series.

A different song of ice and fire [Hope by ParagonDS]
A different song of ice and fire [Hope by ParagonDS]

Relaxing at home in casual attire [Hope by ParagonDS]
Relaxing at home in casual attire [Hope by ParagonDS]

Although the atmosphere is spot on, the dialogue is a little clunky and off-putting. Pretentious cod-Ye Olde English like 'They search for thy own Icarus, shall bringeth upon thy own demise' comes off with an air of a middle school Shakespeare production. But it really does have potential, especially if ParagonDS can tighten up the script. If you'd like to encourage him to make more, check out his Patreon page and show some support.

Compare this fan work to the actual Dark Souls 3 promo vids:

What do you think? Should ParagonDS make more vids in the series?


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