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It's been over a year since the fan-created remake of Resident Evil 2 was shut down by Capcom after it was announced that an official remake of the games was in the works. Those fans, known as Invader Studios, have come back to the horror survival universe with a new game called Daymare 1998 that appears to take a decent amount of inspiration from the early days of the Resident Evil franchise.

Daymare 1998 May Be The Nostalgic Return To Horror Survival That We've Been Waiting For

Based on the gameplay shown in the trailer, it doesn't look like we'll be disappointed. In terms of style and atmosphere, Daymare has old school written all over it, complete with eerie industrial corridors and Raccoon City-esque outdoor segments. Despite being in its early stages, it's quite apparent that the world that's being created has a great deal of character.

What's Daymare's Story?

'Daymare 1998' [Credit: Invader Studios]
'Daymare 1998' [Credit: Invader Studios]

There isn't a whole lot of information out regarding Daymare's story at this point, but the team has provided a short synopsis:

In the late 90s, the normally peaceful citizens of a small community in northwest America descend into sickening violence. With enemy designs by the legendary former Capcom designer, Satoshi Nakai, the physical and mental deformations that take place within the community are set to be both terrifying and shocking.

Certainly a bit simpler than its midwestern counterpart without any sinister mega-corporations to speak of...but it's intriguing nonetheless. Taking this type of story outside the realm of the post-apocalyptic universe and pulling it into a claustrophobic small town context could be exactly the type of refreshing twist that a tale like this needs. Having a former Capcom designer on the team certainly can't hurt either.

'Daymare 1998' [Credit: Invader Studios]
'Daymare 1998' [Credit: Invader Studios]

In the meantime, there really hasn't been much news from Capcom on that Resident Evil 2 remake. Though it would be nice to be proven wrong. But with on the horizon, I'm not really expecting it anytime soon. However, if things work out with Daymare, I don't think it would be too terrible if Capcom doesn't deliver since we'll have a great spiritual successor to occupy our time with instead. There's no release date yet...but I've got high hopes for this one!

Looking forward to more Daymare 1998? Or are you holding out for that Resident Evil 2 remake?

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