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I’m an adult, no really, my mother said so! I’m 30 years old and live in a house with my girlfriend and 3 rabbits… Oh, and my games room! Sure it contains a rabbit hutch and the floor is littered with rabbit toys and other debris but it also houses a large TV, a couch and regularly my butt.

Before I was an adult (I AM!) I was a child, I mean a teenager sure but we try to forget about that. My first experience with a home video game system was the original Entertainment System or NES.

I’ll never forget the joy of the colourful world of and playing with my gran as she was relegated to Luigi and laughing as she raised the control pad every time he jumped a gap. It was joyous. This continued to the Super NES or SNES and on to the . Sadly my journey with Nintendo consoles ended there as I moved onto the more swish 1 and Xbox and never looked back.

The Wonders Of Gaming

I consider myself a hardcore console gamer. Hardcore in that I game nearly everyday and even when I’m not gaming, I’m reading about it, researching it or straight up watching it on Twitch or YouTube. I have both a PS4 and an and buy games for them all year round.

When Nintendo revealed the trailer for their new hybrid console the Nintendo Switch I wasn’t immediately impressed. I think it was a combination of not understanding the need for a Nintendo console in my life and in part an unrelatable trailer with people using the console in scenarios I would never entertain. I mean who takes anything other than their phone to the park?! A Frisbee for their dog at a push!

I’m not ashamed to admit when I’m wrong and I’m willing to try anything once, except that… But after some thoughtful consideration I’ve figured out what Nintendo could do to warrant a place in my man-cave with their new box.

There’s an upcoming Nintendo event on January 13th in which they will announce, specs, release date and possibly the price. Until then here’s what would make the console a day one buy for me, an adult:

The Nintendo Switch: A Console For Adults


It has been rumoured the Switch will have a 1 teraflop GPU, to put this in perspective, the Xbox One has 1.3tf of power and the Xbox 360 had 0.24.

What this means is, in theory, the Switch should be able to run games and apps not far off Xbox One and definitely be able to run anything from the last gen of hardware. In terms of screen resolution it’s also been rumoured to be 1080p docked and 720p when using the tablet. I think if these specs are true this is good news and could make for some great portable gaming and for people looking that couch-console experience.

Third Party Support

This is hands down the most important feature for me personally, like I’ve said, I love Mario but at 30 years old I’m not nearly as enamoured with the Mushroom Kingdom as I once was. I think the game needs a strong launch line up and a triple A game or two, possibly a great shooter that already exists , imagine or a game on Switch? I’m sure with those specs it could run the recent Modern Warfare Remaster! I’d love to have a game of Overwatch in tablet mode when the other half is watching Greys Anatomy or something else I’m not interested in. Nintendo make incredible games and will sell to Nintendo lovers regardless, it’s the others gamers you need to pull in.

Free Online Gaming

A huge advantage the Switch could have over its competitors would be free to play online gaming. I mean, if you have both an Xbox and PlayStation you’re unlikely to want to pay for a third subscription service and if you have neither this may just be what sways your decision on which console to purchase!

Non-Gaming Functionality

Finally, a big sell would be that the Switch could replace the tablet in the house with apps such as and Twitter. We already live in an age where your partner or children are usually on a tablet while you’re doing something else (like trying to talk to them). It would be great if my partner could watch some Netflix on a decent sized screen while I’m gaming or watching something else. Hell, sometimes I just want to watch a film in bed. The Switch’s in built stand feature would be great for this!

Are you sold on the Switch?


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