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Hello, Overwatch fans! For today's advice on how to come out on top in this highly addictive , we're looking at the best tips and strategies for playing the character Roadhog. Being a Tank character, Roadhog's movements are very limited, but this can be a good thing considering he has the most amount of base health in the game (also equal to D.Va). On top of being slow, he also has very limited weapon range. At first these mechanics may all seem like disadvantages, but in reality they work well together and make him a heavy hitter when handling one-on-one fights and close-quarter skirmishes.

Roadhog in character select screen.
Roadhog in character select screen.

Basic Abilities

My first piece of advice for Roadhog practice is to perfect your chain hook accuracy. Roadhog relies heavily on his hook ability to bring his opponents close to him for one shot eliminations. Try aiming the hook at the opponent's feet or midsection as this will help increase your chances of grabbing them. This play is absolutely devastating against lower health characters like Zenyatta and . Missing a properly timed hook, however, could spell death for Roadhog, rendering him ineffective.

Another benefit of perfecting Roadhog's chain hook ability is pulling opponents over environmental gaps. If you're able to properly hook an enemy over a hole in the ground or any open area, you can eliminate an opponent without even firing a shot. This is really useful when facing opponents who have a range advantage over Roadhog.

Roadhog using chain hook ability.
Roadhog using chain hook ability.

The next thing you must practice is timing when using Roadhog's take-a-breather ability. This healing ability is a gift and a curse as it can mean longer life or certain death if not timed correctly. When it is activated, Roadhog cannot move for a few seconds, making him a stationary target. My best advice here is to observe your environment and your teammates. If they are covering you well and dominating a nearby area, position a few steps back (away from the action) behind a wall or in a corner and activate this ability for a successful burst of health.

Roadhog using his take-a-breather ability.
Roadhog using his take-a-breather ability.

Ultimate Ability

Finally, Roadhog has his whole hog ultimate ability, which is great for pushing groups of enemies back and doing massive damage in small areas. My suggestion here is to just be patient and save it for a game-changing opportunity. Since Roadhog's ultimate has a huge push effect on opponents, try aiming at them toward edges of the map to blast them off, or to gain some distance when they are trying to take an objective.

Additionally, whole hog is great for clearing small rooms, and I would also recommend combing his ultimate ability with another hero's to really gain the advantage for your team. For example, using whole hog when has trapped opponents, or when Mei has blocked enemies behind an ice wall, flanking your opponents and using Roadhog's ultimate will help you rack up eliminations in addition to holding back the enemy team.

Roadhog starting up his whole hog ability.
Roadhog starting up his whole hog ability.

Special Situations

Roadhog is a great character to move in on objectives at a slower pace and clear paths for others. He can also contribute high damage in choke points when needed. However, there are some special situations that you should know about.

In my experience, when engaged in a Roadhog vs. Roadhog fight, you can gain the edge over him by completing a four-step play. Roadhog players usually try to go for the quick hook and shoot play on enemies, so avoid this by strafing right to avoid his hook attack. While dodging the hook, fire off one shot, grab him with your hook ability, then finish him off with another point blank shot. The initial shot should weaken him enough to complete the elimination after you use the same hook and shoot play immediately after he misses. This could also work if you get hooked first, assuming you have full health.

Another special situation is when Roadhog faces the character D.Va. If you could manage to hit D.Va with all four shots, her mechanical armor should be destroyed, leaving her vulnerable to a quick hook and shoot combo (after reloading). When D.Va's eject animation occurs, prepare to aim down toward the ground behind the armor so when she lands you will be able to get the elimination with a perfectly timed hook and shoot combination.

Why Roadhog Is My Favorite

Roadhog is the best character to use when your team is not really coordinated. He has a ton of base health and can hold down smaller areas with ease. He can also heal himself, which means he does not have to rely on other players as much.

What makes him so cool — besides his awesome metalhead/biker design — is that he can be used in offensive and defensive situations. If his moves are timed properly and accurately, he is able to destroy characters who stay posted defending objectives, which can allow your team to take over and potentially win the match. He is also great for popping around corners, catching enemies off guard and saving teammates. Even though Roadhog may be one of the weirdest characters in , he is my favorite because of his grunge look and his simple and devastating play style.

Who is your favorite Overwatch character and why? Sound off in the comments section below.

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