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Welcome to another Now Loading Community Spotlight, a weekly space where we review some of the best articles from our Creators. This time around we've got another great selection of topics to dive into. From the excitement surrounding the Netflix Witcher announcement to Injustice 2 and Aliens, there's a variety of topics for you to lose yourself in. Here are only a few of the best Creator articles that were published this week

It's Game Over, Man! 5 'Alien' Easter Eggs in Video Games

Creator: Imogen Donovan

is, without a doubt, one of the most influential franchises of all time. Even if you've never seen one of the films (oh look, you've got weekend plans now), chances are you've heard a reference or quote of some kind from another movie, TV show or even video game. Seriously, Alien references are gestating everywhere if you choose to look for them. Luckily, Imogen Donovan has taken a moment to track down five Alien easter eggs that are waiting to hatch in your favorite video games.

What Could We See In Netflix's 'Witcher' TV Series?

Creator: Sean Gallagher

is a fantastic series of books that have since become award-winning video games. While the book's author, Andrzej Sapkowski, is surprisingly not the biggest fan of the games, he's created a world that everyone should experience. With the series on its way to becoming Netflix's next big show, Sean Gallagher takes a look at what we can expect from it.

10 DC Characters That Need To Be DLC For 'Injustice 2'

Creator: Steven Brinn

2 has officially launched and the reviews have been nothing less than stellar. NetherRealm Studios has really knocked this game out of the park and fans everywhere have been given the definitive DC fighter experience. Despite this though, there are still many DC characters that haven't yet made the cut for Injustice's roster and Steven Brinn highlights some key names that we hope to see in future DLC updates.

Here's How 'God Of War' Could Walk The Line From Good To Great

Creator: Squid Dude

is expected to make another grand appearance at next month's and gamers everywhere can't wait to take a peek at Kratos's next adventure. While the tone and gameplay of the series seems to be a massive departure from previous games, many players are still keen to see where Sony takes the franchise...except for Squid Dude. While many were impressed with the new direction of the Greek god, the Dude argues that the game's walking sections may have just been enough to raise a mental red flag. Curious to see what he means?

From Page to Controller: 7 Games That Were Based on Literature

Creator: Dustin Murphy

It's common knowledge to many gamers by now that The Witcher franchise is based on a series of books. Yet, what's surprising is that literature is adapted into games more often than you would think. From to , Dustin Murphy reveals that some of your favorite games might just be your next favorite books.

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