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Spider-Man hasn't had the best track record when it comes to video games, but it looks like things are about to change with Spider-Man (PS4), Insomniac and Marvel Games' highly-anticipated collaboration. The game was announced in 2016, and fans have been extremely excited to see what the game does for its protagonist and the superhero gaming genre in general.

Frustratingly, though, the project has been pretty secretive. Despite a few trailers and a D23 presentation, there's very little we know about it. Thankfully, that thick veil of secrecy is finally peeling away...

There's A New Trailer For 'Spider-Man,' And It's Something Else

and decided to surprise eager geeks with a new teaser, and in true Spider-Man fashion, the footage is amazing. Check it out in all of its web-slinging glory:

Oh yes, I'm so ready for this. Previous teasers gave us a taste of what to expect from the graphics, and they looked impressive, but this trailer is on a whole different level when it comes to realistic visuals. Aside from the graphics, the teaser had quite a bit of information to absorb and speculate over.

We'll Be Able To Experience Being Peter Parker

In the comics and movies, Spider-Man stories have always been a complete package. We get the same kind of thrill and excitement by watching Spidey beating up bad guys as we do when seeing him in his day-to-day life as Peter Parker. His human identity is just as relevant as his crimefighter persona — but sadly, the majority of his games have focused on the spectacle, rather than the human side of things.

For years, gamers have clamored to truly experience being Peter Parker, and Spider-Man on PS4 is giving us that chance. The trailer starts not with eye-popping action, but with a quiet look at Peter's life, as he contemplates leaving his superhero career behind to focus on himself. A few seconds later, we see Parker will indeed be playable:

Peter chatting with Mary Jane about their future [Credit: Insomniac]
Peter chatting with Mary Jane about their future [Credit: Insomniac]

As for how much time the game will devote to Spidey's civilian identity, he'll be an integral part of the story. Back in July, during D23, creative director at Marvel Games, Bill Rosemann, talked about how important it was for Insomniac to get players to care for both and Peter:

"Hey, you can have a character in a cool costume on the edge of a building, and they can jump off, and you can look and say, 'Oh, that's a pretty cool costume.' But if you can get the people to care about the people underneath the mask, if you get to know who they are, who they're fighting for, what they care about, then when that character jumps off the building, you are with them, jumping off the building."

A Playable Mary Jane Watson

It looks like players are also going to spend time with some of Peter's closest allies, specifically . The trailer shows a big bank robbery with MJ right in the middle of it. Spidey rushes to the rescue, but their dynamic has an unexpected twist: it looks like MJ will be a playable character who'll help the hero take criminals down:

[Credit: Insomniac]
[Credit: Insomniac]

Being able to play as Mary Jane isn't something we assumed would be in the game, but totally works because it adds to Spidey's family theme. He has someone he can trust to help him save people and get the job done.

Good Ol' Parker Luck Is Back

will be a seasoned crime-fighter in the game. He's been Spider-Man for a few years, hence his more modern suit and slicker crime-fighting style. That approach got me thinking that the game would perhaps take a cue from Dan Slott's "All-New All-Different Marvel Spider-Man" run and have Peter as a successful businessman or scientist. As we just learned, though, that's not the case.

Early on in the teaser, Peter is asked whether he has money problems. Our hero confesses he's been a bit behind on his rent but denies having any major issues right before we see him enter a rundown apartment (presumably his).

[Credit: Insomniac]
[Credit: Insomniac]

I would have been quite happy if the game presented the wall-crawler as a more successful individual, but I'm also not disappointed by the direction the story is taking. Having him as a down-on-his-luck superhero for the first time, we actually get to delve into Peter's relatable troubles in a video game.

Miles Is An Important Part Of The Story

Audiences were caught by surprise during this year's D23 when Spider-Man's PS4 trailer showed witnessing Spidey stopping a crime. We've been trying to figure out what kind of role he could play in the story for the past few months, and given his appearance in this latest trailer, it seems that the young man will be a prominent side character.

[Credit: Insomniac]
[Credit: Insomniac]

While it's still unclear what kind of role Morales will play in the story, it's great to know Parker could have someone younger than him to mentor through the whole hero business.

A Whole Lot Of Villains Are Coming Spidey's Way

It's a good thing that Peter has MJ and Miles Morales by his side, because he'll need help with the bad guys coming for him. The trailer reveals a slew of powerful criminals wreaking havoc in New York City, such as the , , the Negative Man, and as if that weren't enough, . Granted, he's a politician now, but come on, he's got to have something up his sleeve. I can only imagine the kind of obstacles they'll present for our quippy superhero.

The trailer didn't give us an exact release date for Spider-Man, just an estimated window of 2018, so it seems like it'll be a while until we get our hands on a copy of the game. Given how incredible everything looks, I'm crossing my fingers for Insomniac and Marvel to release it sooner rather than later.

What did you think about this trailer for Spider-Man on PS4? Do you think this is the Spidey game that will return the wall-crawler to gaming glory? Let me know in the comments!


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