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The Pokémon world is a mostly innocent and harmless place (overlooking the madness of Lavender Town), but with the introduction of Pokémon Sun and Moon's Ultra Beasts things got a little more.. disturbing in the Alola Region.

That much is apparent if you play the game and actually do battle against the extradimensional Pokémon. They aren't like the sweet Pikachus, Charizards and Squirtles we know, but bring a certain ominous, otherworldly vibe to the stage of . Not to mention that some of them are freaking huge.

The Creepy Concept Art Behind Pokémon's Sinister Ultra Beasts

New concept art from Pokémon Sun and Moon has been revealed in a new book called 'The Official Alola Region Collector’s Edition Pokédex' and it seems like these pseudo-mons might actually be the most unnerving creatures to appear in the Pokémon world yet. Their background is even creepier than that of Yveltal, Cubone or Shedinja.

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Just take a look below. The eight Ultra Beasts we know of so far just seem really bizarre and in some cases downright scary.

Wait... What Is Nihilego doing To Pikachu?!

[Credit: The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: The Pokémon Company]

Jellyfish are just weird in general and Pokémon jellyfish are even weirder. Especially if they're from another dimension and traveled to our world through a wormhole. Nihilego did that, and this concept art seems to suggest the journey made the Ultra Beast extra hungry.

Take a look at sketch number two above, which according to the description is a "typical image of its parasitic behavior". Nihilego is slowly digesting what seems to be a fainted, paralyzed or even dead Pikachu. Not really a pleasant way to go for our favorite electrical mouse.

Guzzlord Devours Our Enitre World

[Credit: The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: The Pokémon Company]

Guzzlord is a BIG Pokémon and apparently it requires quite the amount of nutrition to support itself. Looking past the fact that this Ultra Beast's general design is disturbing as hell (hands coming out of the mouth, I don't even), we'll focus on the drawing in the bottom left corner.

I looks like Guzzlord is straight up devouring the planet it landed on. There's even an innocent Pokémon trainer depicted there, somewhat indicating that Guzzlord's hunger might cause the creature to eat humans as well. Yikes!

Is Buzzwole Draining Your Will To Live?

[Credit: The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: The Pokémon Company]

Buzzwole is basically an alien Beedrill on steroids who's consistently skipping leg day. Taking steroids raises aggression, which is very apparent from looking at this concept art. It seems like all Buzzwole is interested in is flexing his muscles and sucking out souls through his trunk.

And it doesn't look like he's doing it in a gentle way. No, he squeezes other Pokémon unpleasantly tight using his enormous biceps and pokes a hole in their chest to perform "energy drain", a move we can only assume involves blood sucking. Nice G-rated name though.

More Disturbing Concept Art Out There

[Credit: The Pokémon Company]
[Credit: The Pokémon Company]

There's concept art for all of the eight Ultra Beasts in The Official Alola Region Collector’s Edition Pokédex and you can find it on imgur. None of them will disturb you as much as the ones above, but the mere creature design is strange enough to weird you out for the rest of the day.

But even though the extradimensional Ultra Beast Pokémon are creepy, we kind of welcome the change in design. The (slightly) more adult approach opens up some interesting angles to new Pokémon in the future. We would love to see The Pokémon Company go further down that road.

Here's to these Ultra Beasts not being the last dimensional-traveling Pocketmonsters we'll get to see.

Did you manage to catch an Ultra Beast in Pokémon Sun and Moon?


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