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We all remember the Nintendo Switch's reveal commercial, right? The one that weirdly featured zero kids? Well then perhaps you also remember the woman who is playing what may or may not be a new 3D Mario title before her friends wave her over to a rooftop party.

This woman, with her intent, unblinking gaze and refusal to leave her Switch at home even when socializing, the internet has dubbed "Karen." Karen, like Ken Bone and Alex from Target, is the latest person to feel the spotlight of the internet shine down upon her. So much so that she's actually the first thing to pop up when you Google "Nintendo K" — which is crazy considering this is the company that brought us Kirby.

Truly, the internet has created some wonderfully dank memes out of Karen. There's even an entire subreddit devoted to her: r/NintendoKaren.

Let's take a look, shall we?

1. The Uncanny Resemblance

We'll start off with a fairly innocuous one here: Karen as Velma. Let's face it, on the internet, if you look even kind of like someone, you're going to get Photoshopped as that someone.

And lo, Velma the Switch player was born. Jinkies!

2. Karenception Infinite Loop

Moving on, we have one that's a little more out there, but not too over the top. Here we have Karen playing the Switch while also fighting Bowser in a Karen video game. One has to wonder, is she playing this particular game on the Switch and controlling herself? Or is there another Karen controlling this Switch-playing Karen?

Moreover, is it just an infinite loop of Karens playing the Switch, each controlling their own Karen? These are the kinds of questions we must ask, people.

3. When Two Memes Collide

One Reddit user asks, "Is your body ready for these new confirmed Nintendo Switch titles?" The answer, of course, is yes.

For those unaware, this is a reference to the classic Reggie Fils-Aimé line, "My body is ready." The President of Nintendo of America may have some meme competition, though, as Karen seems poised to not only take his place on stage, but also take over Nintendo's various IPs with classics like Karen's Epic Yarn and Karen Sports Mix.

4. Karen's Not Done Yet

You thought the above titles were the end of things? Think again. Turns out, King Boo isn't the only addition to the maybe-continuation-maybe-DLC of the Mario Kart franchise.

Actually, make that the Karen Kart franchise. She's moved in, fired off some blue shells, and taken her place at the front. Look at her, she is your racer now.

5. Karen Is... Actually A Great Chibi Drawing

This one isn't actually funny or weird or anything like that. It's simply a fan-art of Karen. Because, really, one must show one's appreciation of Karen in as many ways as one can.

Hats off to the artist behind this one. It really is a great work of art.

6. Sometimes, There Are No Words

These are the "Kare JoyCons." Personally, I don't really know what words to use here. But Reddit does! Take it away, Reddit!

  • "This shouldn't even be a face plate or special edition. This should be standard."
  • "This is a must have for every true Nintendo/Karen fan."
  • "10/10 would buy"


7. And Finally, The Holy Triumvirate Of Nintendo

Like most prophecies, the true meaning will only reveal itself when it is ready. Today, the truth behind the totally-real Nintendo Trinity prophecy is shown to us, as Karen joins Satoru Iwata and Helix (praise him) in the hall of legends.

Clearly, it's all been leading to this.

8. "Aw shit, Karen brought her stupid Nintendo thing to the party again."

In a fan-made 'second look' Nintendo Switch trailer, we also see Karen named. Her friends are clearly pissed that Karen can't put down her games for just a damn minute to socialize. Jump to 1:55 for Karen.

"Aw shit, Karen brought her stupid Nintendo thing to the party again."

"We're DRINKING Karen."

"We're having CONVERSATIONS."

Freakin' Karen.


Which Karen is your favorite Karen?


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