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When the Pokemon community's gang of talented fan artists aren't cross-breeding new hybrids, re-imagining pocket monsters in human form, or just flagrantly ruining childhoods, they're usually transplanting our favorite Pokemon into other well known franchises.

When it comes to games you associate with Pokemon, Mortal Kombat might not be the first that comes to mind, what with its gallons of gore and merciless cast of fighters just raring to rip Pikachu a new one. However, it is a crossover imaginative fans have taken to, the concept even inspiring an appropriately surreal rap video.

Watch the Pokemon Combat Rap below, then wonder what you just watched:

Perhaps somewhat more impressive is the spectacular array of MK / Pokemon crossover fan art lurking out there. For your enjoyment, here are some of the best pieces that afford a glimpse into Pokemon's X rated alter-verse.

Pokemon Reimagined As Mortal Kombat Characters

Finish them all.
Finish them all.

Reddit user tokenblackguy90 submits this stunning sketch, featuring Sub-Zero Squirtle and Bulbasaur as Liu Kang.

The most electrifying mouse in electronic entertainment

Sparks will fly.
Sparks will fly.

Don't mess with the yellow God of Thunder.

Raiden rolls deep

J00ce up!
J00ce up!

Surely no one foolish enough would stand up to this formidable team, unless...

Team Nether Fire appears!

The fire types assemble in this beautiful piece by EKKnight.

Starters? No, these are stone cold finishers

Image credit: Mashup Mania
Image credit: Mashup Mania

Level 5 or not, these beasts are ready for action.

Thunderclapping all night

Feel my tail whip!

You can run but you're not getting away safely

Image credit: Fanpop
Image credit: Fanpop

Beedrill wants you over here.

You sure he just fainted?

DeviantArt user Lucky-Jacky shows Alakazam sucking the soul out of his opponents -- what a kick-ass MK character he'd make!

Which Pokemon would survive a round in Mortal Kombat?


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