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Was the news of more remakes bringing down your hopes of new numbered Final Fantasy entries? Well, if you are looking forward to an original new title in your favorite RPG series, you might be in luck – if you can keep patient, that is.

A new job posting on Japanese site ECareerFA from an "anonymous" gaming company, is seeking a 2D artist to work on a "super-famous RPG series." When (Google) translated, this "anonymous" company drops quite a few hints about who they:

  • "It is one of the most popular game software makers among third parties, and as a gaming industry, we send out unusual Million hits in a row, and we are gaining industry's best rating in the quality of game software.
  • "We are promoting community-based entertainment starting from "Taito Station"
  • "It goes without saying that we sent out a huge hit RPG game to the world, we also started online games around popular game software titles."

Here's the best part, when you piece together the directions as to where this job is located it leads you to...Square Enix headquarters! Also, Taito is owned by Square Enix. So my guess is by not saying their name in the description it'll delay this news from getting out? Anyway, Square Enix is developing a new RPG (what else is new).

This "Super-Famous RPG Series" Has To Be Final Fantasy

We all know has multiple big name RPG franchises under its belt. In order to figure out which series this is, we have to keep in mind part of the specific work content under the job description that reads, "Create an image of a certain RPG numbering title."

When it comes to big name Square Enix-owned RPGs with numbered titles, three series come to mind: Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy. The first of these, Dragon Quest will see a Japanese release of it's newest entry, Dragon Quest XI on July 29th for PS4 and 3DS with a Nintendo Switch release coming at a later date. With the game still set to release, no release date for the Switch as of yet, and no word on a western release which is a safe bet to happen (E3 announcement?) assuming development on Dragon Quest XII is already beginning this soon is unlikely.

Of the other remaining series is Kingdom Hearts. We all know Kingdom Hearts III is in development. So, no real need to keep a secret on a game already shown off at E3. Further reading of the job description states, "From the image art of the town, field, dungeon appearing during the game, you are responsible for the image creation of everything related to the background such as furniture, emblem etc." In other words this sounds like for a concept artist. Kingdom Hearts III was announced as "in development" in 2013, so the odds of them needing a new concept artist at this point is not likely.

Not to mention there would be no need to hide both the name of the company and what game series if it was Kingdom Hearts III.

So, this leaves us with Final Fantasy.

The Team Behind Final Fantasy XV Has To Move On To A New Project

On October 27th, 2017 was announced gold. Square's Business Division 2, headed by Hajime Tabata whom also directed the game, had finally finished the much anticipated title. Soon after, a significant portion of the team remained to work on the day one patch along with season pass and other post-release content. While there's still more post-release content on the way including story DLC, the days of major development for the title are over.

Staff from Business Division 2 who are not working on post-release content would have already begun work on any other the many Square Enix titles in development. It's also possible some members could be in the early stages of developing a brand new game – or diving back into expanding a previous work, like say, turning a specific tech demo into a fully-fledged numbered game?

Is Agni's Philosophy, About To Become Final Fantasy XVI?

Ever since its premiere at E3 2012, Agni's Philosophy has caused speculation among the fan base that it may be a concept for a new Final Fantasy game. A tech demo showcasing the power of Square's Lumionous Engine (seriously, Square should know by now, release a tech demo and fans will want a full game) Agni's Philosophy was met with intrigue. It has unique world of magic and guns blended together (in a way different than Final Fantasy XV), was fully voiced with a small plot, and had a crystal of great power, the latter of which screams "This is Final Fantasy!"

The in 2015 Agni reemerged in a newer shorter trailer titled, WITCH - Chapter 0. This new tech demo was directed by Hajime Tabata and was accompanied by a short video of Tabata giving an introduction for Business Division 2 and that it was his team that worked on the demo. This now marks the second time Square has used the character and setting. With the latest demo being released in 2015, Final Fantasy XV in 2016, and now the job posting, there's a chance Business Division 2 it finally developing this into a full project. I hope so!

Even if this all pans out to be true and that Square Enix is in the early stages of development with Final Fantasy XVI you might want to try and keep that excitement to a minimum for now. If you count the time spent as Versus XIII, took over a decade to see release. If this is XVI we're seeing then we can be sure the wait is going to try our patience. Perhaps it's better Square strays from an official announcement for now.

Are you hoping this is the early signs of Square committing to Final Fantasy XVI? Better yet, when do you think it'll come out? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Dualshockers, ECareerFA


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