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Rob Harris

PlayStation 1 classic Spyro the Dragon is back and it's never looked better. The purple winged dino has glided his way into the HD era of gaming, courtesy of some nifty programming work from UK based student Jamie Shilvock.

Shilvock has lovingly recreated the game's first level, Artisans Homeworld, in Unreal Engine 4 and it's sure to send nostalgic shivers up any seasoned gamer's spine.

First, remind yourself how the original version looked below:

And now, Shilvock's modernized remaster:

The rolling hills and magical castle look positively stunning, though it's unfortunate that this awesome little project is unlikely to turn into a fully playable game anytime soon. However, if there's one thing it has achieved it's solidifying the need for a Spyro remake fans of the series have long-since deserved.

[Source: Imgur]


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