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It’s time to get social – in an alternate life simulator. YouTubers Life is the modern take on real world sims allowing players to vlog and game to fame. YouTubers Life is aiming to be the ultimate vlogger tycoon/life-sim videogame.

YouTubers Life is an exciting new life sim game landing this month from U-Play Online. This all new ultra-modern life sim incorporates the best elements from the sim games we all know and love but with one major focus bolted on – YouTube.

That’s right, as you may have guessed already by the title the game will revolve around the players career as a budding internet vlogger. The chosen platform is YouTube and it is your goal to become the world’s biggest YouTube star.

Players are still able to do all the same things they would normally do in a life sim – go swimming, party, date the whole nine yards but gaming and vlogging is where you true passion lies. Create, edit and publish new videos as and when you can – the aim of the game is to reach unbridled viral stardom – but be warned the path to fame is riddled with danger.

Keep an eye on your social life, friends, family and even fans as the more popular your YouTube channel becomes the less alone time you are likely to have.


  • Character customization.
  • Youtube channels: Gaming, Cooking, Music and many more!
  • Video editing.
  • Make money with your videos.
  • Manage your production studio.
  • Hang out with your friends, go to parties and attend industry events.
  • Love.
  • Reply to your fans on social networks.
  • Create your own creators network.
  • Move to a new house, an office or even a mansion.
  • Decor your place.

It’s ‘Sims’ with a clever modern twist. Ushering in the social media generation into the world of alternate life simulation – genius. Lets just hope we don’t get to the point that we are watching the sim version of YouTubers making videos to release on YouTube but not actually on YouTube. Pewdiepie stay away!

YouTubers Life releases May 18 on PC. I am intrigued. What do you make of this?

Source: U-Play


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