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If this latest Mortal Kombat news does not have you bouncing up and down in your chair or sashaying across whatever floor space you happen to be standing on, then you are not reading the same article we are. We might have just been talking about Nintendo characters cast as Marvel's Avengers, but this is the real deal for Mortal Kombat fans.

Cue the iconic theme track, turn that s*** up to eleven, and buckle up because several all-new, high-profile actors have been allegedly confirmed as cast for the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie that is set to arrive in 2017. No, this time we're not talking about Mortal Kombat fan-casting (although we totally called Tony Jaa being on the list).

It has been rumored that there are now 12 confirmed cast members, and, boy, what an incredible array of talent we have locked in so far. These 12 action superstars already promise to rocket this classic title to the top of the box office (and we still have more to come).

Honestly, I love Mortal Kombat, from the cult, almost B-movie feel behind the movies to the highly illustrious AAA smash video game series. The world’s most iconic fighting series is now set to take its next evolutionary step, as some of the world’s best actors and actresses join the cast.

You know what, for fun, play this video as you read through the rest of the article (desktop users) — any excuse to hear this tune and ramp that 'Mortal Kombat' hysteria up a few more notches!

So far, the rumored performers for the Mortal Kombat Movie 2017 are as follows (according to reports — pinch of salt maybe required, we're working on conformation):

Shao Khan — Vin Diesel

Kitana — Megan Fox

Shang Tsung — Robin Shou

Liu Kang — Daniel Wu

Kano — Manu Bennett

Johnny Cage — Scott Adkins

Nightwolf — Jason Momoa

Scorpion — Tony Jaa

Sonya Blade — Ronda Rousey

Jax — Michael Jai White

Sub-Zero — Iko Uwais

Raiden — Liam Neeson

As you can see, this star-studded line-up certainly gives the 2017 movie the legs, the body, and the fists of fury needed for it to rub shoulders with the best action movies that Hollywood has to offer. For me, this title, with these insatiable actors, is looking a dead cert for international acclaim.

There’s something about the bloody and the brutal that we just can’t seem to get enough of, so before you add your comments below, check out this piece I have written that contains a video of each and every fatality from each and every Mortal Kombat Game!

The fans are going wild, I am going wild, and how are you feeling right now? Get your fan casting in below!

Source: Fraghero (report). Original report and Images by Jeffrey Ryan Porter.


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