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There's a new game in town and it's, well, literally sending people into town. If you somehow hadn't heard, Pokemon GO is officially out in most parts of the world, and people are traversing the wilds of Outside Land to catch 'em all. But catching is not the only aspect of the game — perhaps you've heard people talk of PokeStops?

PokeStops are locations marked in-game by blue squares which allow you to gather in-game items — such as Eggs, Poke Balls, Potions, and more — that can otherwise only be acquired via leveling or real-money purchases. In short, they're places you definitely want to visit if you wanna be the best (like no one ever was).

Just like Ingress's Portals, Pokemon GO's PokeStops are usually cultural landmarks of some sort. These can include things like:

  • Murals
  • Sculptures
  • Well-known buildings
  • Historical landmarks
  • and so on

Knowing where to look for them is key, and we have you covered with a few locations to keep an eye out for if you're looking for several PokeStops to check in with in one fell swoop!

(And if you need a briefer on what this whole game is about, be sure to check out our 101 on everything Pokemon GO!)

Find PokeStops in: Cities

Image via reddit.
Image via reddit.

It might sound obvious, but it can't really be overstated how many PokeStops can be found in cities and downtown areas. If you're stuck in a rural area, this might be a bit painful to see, but seeing as the PokeStop data was created from submissions to Niantic Labs' previous app, Ingress, it makes sense — more populated areas were likely to have more submissions. Definitely head out to any city if you have one nearby. In particular, look for cultural and arts districts that are likely to have public art!

Just, you know, watch out for cars.

Find PokeStops in: Churches

Via Imgur.
Via Imgur.

Perhaps taking "praise Helix" a little too literally, Pokemon GO appears to be sending people to any and all churches. If you know of a church nearby, there's a very good chance it contains a few PokeStops (and possibly even a Gym). The downside to these very likely PokeStop locations is that you probably won't find more than one — unless they're attached to parks, campuses, or graveyards.

Find PokeStops in: Parks

While there may be some exceptions with this one, parks are typically a great place to go to find multiple PokeStops. They're also a great place to go for a walk, enjoy the weather, and socialize — but who really cares about that stuff if there aren't PokeStops?

A nice perk is that you won't have to watch out for car traffic while staring at your phone! Keep an open mind: this might also mean things like skate parks or botanical gardens.

Find PokeStops in: Graveyards


Who's up for a spooO0oOoky adventure? Plenty of players are reporting at least one, if not several, PokeStops in graveyards. Sure, you could always go during the day, but where's the fun in that? Personally, I think these stops would be most fun to visit at night with a flashlight and your own personal Scooby Gang.

A lot of graveyard stops are focused on famous graves, tombs, and memorials. So, try to be respectful as you catch all those ghost types!

Find PokeStops in: College campuses

Sometimes, taking summer classes pays off. For anyone not taking classes at a local college, it might be worth a visit. And there's a good chance you'll run into another trainer while there — just pray to Helix it's not a rival or you'll have to do some serious hat-turning and take over whichever Gym is closest.

College campuses very often have tons of historical buildings, sculptures and statues, and public art. They're jammed full of awesome cultural locations - and likely have everything else on this list somewhere on the campus.

Find PokeStops in: Museums

Image via reddit.
Image via reddit.

Look, there may not have been Pokemon in your history books, but there are sure to be PokeStops at your historical locations. Go solo or take your kids/parents out for a "family trip" and, oh, what's this? There just happens to be a PokeStop here? Win-win.

Museums are specifically places with loads of cultural landmarks - so there are bound to be tons of great PokeStops!

Bottom line: If there's a place where a lot of people are likely to gather, or one with a lot of notable landmarks, you'll likely find a PokeStop there. There's also a handy map players have put together to help mark locations. Keep in mind, however, it's not worth putting yourself in danger to catch Pokemon!

Have you found any locations with an especially high amount of PokeStops? Let us know in the comments below!


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