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This week on the podcast, we talked with Level Up Labs’ Lars Doucet to discuss the studio’s hit game Defender’s Quest, and examining the debate and issues of key resellers going on right now. Key reselling is the act of taking keys of games and selling them on the grey or black market.

While it may not be a huge issue for some, it's showing signs as a serious problem - especially for indie games.

We started with introductions and talking about Level Up Labs and Defender’s Quest. We discussed Lars’ decision to update the game and what that meant for marketing and work. As an interesting note, we talked about the challenge of translating your game to different languages which is not a topic that is normally discussed.

We also talked a little about Defender’s Quest 2 and what’s going on with the game. While Lars couldn’t go into specifics, it sounds like they’re going to be enhancing every part of the original.

For our major topic, we turned to the issue of key reselling and key resellers.

Recently there was a problem between indie publisher Tiny Build and the site G2A. Lars went into detail about just what the problem is with key reselling and how stores like G2A are making things worse. There are a lot of very cool indies out there, it's painful to see them struggle with some of the shadier aspects of reselling.

While this is a problem for indies at the moment, it could turn into big issues for major studios who want to port their games to the PC. Lars shared his thoughts on the matter and how it impacts every one involved. This is one of those topics I feel that is going to get greater traction in the months to come, and we’re not done talking about it.

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