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Pokémon GO has become a global success, allowing fans from all generations to fulfill their destiny to become the greatest Pokémon master. If you've been hiding under a rock until today then you've missed a lot, so let's recap really quickly:

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game that allows players to create a character that travels around the real world catching Pokémon, based on GPS information provided from your cellphone. As you navigate your local neighborhood and nearby cities, your character (and you) will encounter wild Pokémon that you can capture and train. If you've played any of the multiple generation of Pokémon, you'll understand the gist of it.

So now that you have a general idea of what it is, let's talk about what's next. Thanks to a compilation of upcoming updates provided by Niantic Labs CEO John Hanke, we know that we have a lot to look forward to (some of which were were fan suggestions) including trading, PVP battles, and breeding. John Hanke has explained that many updates are coming very soon: as soon as the next few months or possibly later this year, but they are coming.

What Could Be The Next Major Update for Pokémon GO?

One of the most sought after updates is hopefully coming in early 2017, and that is the inclusion of Generation 2 in Pokémon GO. With the added Generation 2 Pokémon, we will likely see the following major features.

1. Pokémon GO Breeding

Image via Koji @
Image via Koji @

Breeding is likely to be one of the first features added to Pokémon GO, and effectively be a way to farm for candies to power-up and evolve your beloved Pokémon. As you can see in the above infographic, it would be a simple icon displaying the gender and then a new menu option displaying the daycare where the Pokémon can make a new egg together.

The creation of the new egg would be based on distance walked and an available slot in your egg collection (hopefully we will also have a way to 'dump' an egg that we don't want anymore).

2. Pre-Evolutions and Baby Pokémon

Image via Koji @
Image via Koji @

The introduction of baby Pokémon was a major feature when Generation 2 was released as the original Gameboy games. It seems like Generation 2 Pokémon GO would be an easy transition: after catching 50 unique Pokémon and seeing 100 and extend the Pokédex to allow for 251 to be obtained (yet not quite discoverable in the wild).

The introduction of baby Pokémon in Pokémon GO would mean that breeding would become an integral part of fully completing the Kanto and Johto Pokédex.

As a part of the breeding option, Ditto will most likely be introduced in order to 'assist' in the creation of eggs for the notably single-gendered Pokémon like Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Chansey, Tauros, Kangaskhan & Jynx.

3. Special Evolutions

Image via Koji @
Image via Koji @

We all know that some of the most awesome Generation 2 Pokémon are the unique evolutions of Pokémon like Scyther to Scizor, Onix to Steelix, Seadra to Kingdra and so on. These evolutions in the game were dependent on these Pokémon either knowing specific moves or holding unique items.

Ideally, these items would be obtainable through Pokéstops and, just like the current evolution process, you would need a certain number of candies and a specific amount of these new special evolution items.

4. New Starters

Image via Koji @
Image via Koji @

With the introduction of 100 new Pokémon, Professor Willow would make an appearance and offer one of the Generation 2 starters just like when you started the game in the first place. I would imagine that at this point the new Pokémon would appear and would begin replacing similar Generation 1 Pokémon depending on the time of day.

For example Hoot-Hoot would replace Pidgey and Sentret would replace Rattata at night. The Generation 2 Pokemon would also in general be more dependent on the time of day as to when they appear, just like the original Gameboy games.

Excluding the Legendaries from this generation, it would mean that roughly 60 or so new Pokémon would become available (including 2 new Eeveelutions based on time of day and a certain amount of luck). That's enough to keep current players interested and give incentive to new players to join in without losing out on the first generation of Pokémon.

When Will Gen 2 Come to Pokémon GO?

Right now, we haven't heard anything official from Niantic or Nintendo about when the second generation of Pokémon will actually land. The popular fan-theory is that Gen 2's launch will coincide with the Pokémon GO Plus wearable, slated for September 2016.

Since the Plus will act as a pedometer, in addition to other functions, the theory is that it will be a big upgrade to hatching eggs (supporting the breeding mechanic) and will have an internal clock, which would support the theory that Gen 2 will introduce different Pokémon based on the day and night cycle.


What part of Generation 2 are you the most excited for?