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Over the past few years, mobile gaming has finally stepped out of the shadows and into the limelight. Recently, Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm with over 80 millions players active around the world. One aspect of the new onslaught of mobile games is the integration of socializing in the real world with game players.

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Pokemon GO plans to bring trading and player vs player content in the future only enhancing the social aspect of the game. And now a game that’s been in development over the last two years has an answer to Pokemon GO for you horror fans out there. Its called Night Terrors and they just released a new trailer:

I have been following this game for awhile and they only keep improving the concept. Now slated for a Halloween 2016 release date we now will finally get our grubby little hands on a horror movie that we can live in real life. One new thing that they have been teasing for awhile now is the ability for the phone to type out messages and manipulate the device.

While I assume its not really manipulating your personal device it will appear though that it is. The main feature however is the use of its augmented reality ghouls and objects. Like paintings that move or a brief glimpse of a spirit running past you. Also sound will be important too as the creators have said it will utilize 3D audio meaning you can hear which direction ghosts and other creatures are. Even sounding like they are in different rooms.

Manipulation is going to be an integral part of Night Terrors.. each step of the way the game will be playing with your mind.. your senses and questioning what's real and what's not. Are you ready? - Novum Analytics

Novum Analytics, which is developing the game, believe that they can cross the boundary between cinema and gaming. It wouldn't be the first time this has been attempted but usually they do this with pre-existing properties. The collaboration between the two founders Bryan Mitchell & Bryce Katz think they have the answer with Night Terrors, an original horror experience that is sure to knock your socks off.

These new mobile experiences could really make the mobile phone gaming experience a success. Augmented reality done right can really be an immersive experience. I for one hope that other developers look at the success of social platforms that allow for people to share incredible movie like experiences in their own home. The fact that this Halloween I will be able to download Night Terrors and proceed to go on a ghost hunt with my drunken friends, sounds amazing. Who knows what other experiences will be available in the future.

Check out the beta test for a look at how the game plays:

What do you think?

Fancy a chilled evening alone with some Night Terrors?


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