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By now you have read the news. Gearbox's Battleborn has entered its final stages of life after the announcement that the next update will be its last. The studio confirmed that the Borderlands style shooter will not be seeing new content in the foreseeable future. Randy Varnell, Creative Director of , says that the online multiplayer servers will remain active for the time being.

Sadly, this does mean that the cord has been pulled and that the game is now on life support. But there's also good news.

[Credits: Gearbox]
[Credits: Gearbox]

The Battleborn Team Has Been Moved to Borderlands 3

The news should come as no surprise to fans of the Borderlands franchise. Randy Pitchford hasn't been shy about when the production for Borderlands 3 would begin. During PAX East 2016, he teased that the "development of Borderlands 3 starts after Battleborn and its DLC wrap-up."

If his words stay true the next Borderlands title has gone into full development and the last of the few developers left on Battleborn will be moved over. It's also been confirmed that Randy Varnell, creative director of Battleborn, will be moving to an "unknown project."

[Credits: Sony]
[Credits: Sony]

Does This Mean We Can Expect A Borderlands Announcement This Year?

While we certainly can hope for it, this doesn't mean any solid news is imminent. If everything goes right, we could see a big announcement this winter at PlayStation Experience or next year during GDC 2018.

Whatever the game is called, we can certainly hope that Borderlands will be bigger, better, and more badass than ever before.

When do you think Randy Pitchford and the team will announce Borderlands 3? Sound off in the comments below.

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