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Today we got our first look at the brand new Alola Raichu in Pokémon Sun & Moon, and it's a little bit different than we remember. With it's new Alola form, Raichu is now a Psychic type in addition to its classic Electric type.

As of this writing, we don't know for sure if this means Pikachu's Alola form will also be Psychic.

Pokémon Sun & Moon has been changing up a lot of our favorite Gen 1 Pokémon with new Alola forms, giving classics new types. We've seen Vulpix and Ninetales change from Fire types to Ice and Fairy types, Sandshrew and Sandslash become Ice and Steel, and even Exeggutor has become a Dragon type (but Charizard still isn't a Dragon, somehow).

How exactly does Alolan Raichu become Psychic? I'd bet it has something to do with Lieutenant Surge constantly patting the little guy on the head. I guess all that confidence went to its head?

Look at this smug lil guy
Look at this smug lil guy

All the Gen 1 Alola form Pokémon so far

While Psychic Raichu is pretty awesome, let's not forget all the other Pokémon getting Alola forms in Pokémon Sun & Moon.

So far we have:

  • Vulpix - Ice
  • Nintales - Ice and Fairy
  • Exeggutor - Grass and Dragon
  • Sandshrew - Ice and Steel
  • Sandslash - Ice and Steel
  • Meowth - Dark
  • Marowak - Fire and Ghost

Check out this little wishlist of Alola form Pokémon we'd love to see next (we guessed two so far)!

Alolan Form Meowth looks sassy as hell
Alolan Form Meowth looks sassy as hell

Which Gen 1 Pokémon do you want to see get an Alola form next?


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