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Handheld titans have been wowing critics and fans alike since it hit the market just a few short weeks ago. But now comes the news that there will be another title released in 2017, with a fresh version of the two new games, reportedly called Pokémon Stars, coming to 's latest console sometime in the new year.

If, like me, you've recently been avoiding interaction with the outside world as much as possible, turning up to work groggy and sleep deprived and carrying your everywhere you go, then chances are you've been playing one of these two new games nonstop. And chances are the news of the coming title fills you with a familiar sense of joy.

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The release of this enhanced update will mark the fifth time a third Pokémon game has been unleashed following its original pair (discounting Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, as they were direct sequels). Until recently this had become something of a tradition, with versions of Pokémon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum following the first four pairs of games. This tactic allowed us to relive our favorite adventures (and purchase the same game for a third time).

These games included a number of added features, storylines and new Pokémon, and often focused on a different Legendary beast than their two predecessors. The new content provided enough of a separation between the games for most fans to justify buying a third version.

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With the announcement of Pokémon Stars, fans are wondering just what this latest game will include. Improved graphics, a larger world to explore, and a more advanced multiplayer experience seem the most likely features to be added to make full use of the Nintendo Switch's console power.

Pokémon's current graphics quality (
Pokémon's current graphics quality (

However different Pokémon Stars will end up being from its two insanely popular predecessors, it can be safely assumed that its release will be the primary purpose of many gamers' purchase of Nintendo's new console (let's be honest, we only bought a 3DS when were announced). At this point we can only hope that Stars will bring us a fresh and exciting new adventure, but in all honesty, when has Pokémon ever let us down?


Will you be buying a Nintendo Switch to play Pokémon Stars?

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