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Since its release in 2000, Final Fantasy IX has remained one of the most beloved classics in the franchise. During this year's , Square Enix announced that the game has officially been released on the PlayStation 4.

This newly released version comes with various enhancements that fans can enjoy such as high-definition movies, character models, auto-save functionality, streaming capabilities, and even trophy support.

The game even features some optional features, which includes a new high speed mode, no encounter mode, the Master All Abilities booster, which gives players the automatic ability to equip master weapons and gear, and last but not least, the ability to maximize character levels, magic stone counts, and even the amount of gil they have from the start.

If you want to remote play with your PlayStation Vita, this game comes with the option for you to do so when on the go. All it takes is a memory card, a PlayStation Vita, and a WiFi connection for those of you on the road.

And if you purchase the game from the PlayStation store you will receive an original PlayStation 4 theme designed by Toshiyuki Itahana and eight exclusive PlayStation Network avatars. How much will it cost you? $16.79 until September 26th, and $20.99 after that date. You can check out the official trailer above.

We can only hope that we'll continue seeing more of Square Enix's Games make on appearance on the PlayStation 4.


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