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For those of you unfamiliar with the Kingdom Hearts franchise, the series follows a young boy named Sora tasked with saving various worlds from darkness, all usually themed around movies. For those of you that know the series, you know that it's a lot more complicated than that. Kingdom Hearts is one of Disney's most popular video game franchises ever, with a series spanning over 15 years and millions over 22 million copies sold.

[Credit: Square Enix / Disney]
[Credit: Square Enix / Disney]

Fans of the series might remember a few months ago when some story boards leaked of a planned pilot from a Kingdom Hearts TV series. While conversations were started from those leaks, nothing ultimately came out of it. That is until about a month ago when game Director and Creator Tetsuya Nomura revealed in an interview with the Mirror:

We do have a 15 year history so it has come up in discussions about doing some sort of cinematic piece, especially from Disney. They are interested in making a CG movie of sort, but again, it's difficult to make the call on how we want to execute it and how to form it.

From the way Nomura puts it, it sounds like Disney is the one pushing the talks for a KH film, not .

Yea... try explaining this to the common Film viewer...
Yea... try explaining this to the common Film viewer...

Pretty much anyone mildly familiar with the games knows how crazy and convoluted the story is, and how difficult it could be to squeeze all of the content into a two-hour time-slot. However, knowing Disney, I'm sure if given the opportunity they would figure out a way to tell the story without sacrificing too much of the story. Even if the series now fits into the Pixar Theory, it still begs the question: why?

Don't get me wrong, Kingdom Hearts has a really dedicated fanbase, and we all know if you slap "Disney" on a movie it's almost destined for box office success. However, a TV show just seems like a better option for a series as episodic as Kingdom Hearts.

While we don't know why nothing ultimately came from the storyboards, I can imagine it was a money issue. As successful as TV shows can become, a show on the Disney Channel or Disney XD simply wouldn't make as much money as a big budget film, especially one produced by Disney.

Ultimately, I think if we do see a movie, we'll see a bigger presence of Kingdom Hearts in the parks as well. And at its core, a movie is Disney's way of bringing a beloved franchise to the general public, and being able to market it further.


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