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[Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) is an awesome game. The graphics are great, sound effects, the gameplay and of course the weapons. However there are guns that stand out better than other and other just suck. Remember, this is just my opinion. I would be surprised if anyone agrees with me completely so let's get started.

5. RT-97C (Worst)

The RT-97C is not a very bad blaster but it isn't very good either. It's terrible at long range and has a god awful spread. Anytime I have this gun, I'm doing OK the first few minutes but after a while I get killed over and over cause the gun always misses the enemy. To be fair, this gun has pretty decent damage and that's why it's only number 5.

4. DL-18 (Worst)

The DL-18 is not so good of a blaster. It has very short range, has an extremely long time to kill and my kills are always stolen because of that. As badass I think this blaster is, it's still crap.

3. DT-12 (Worst)

The DT-12 is not a very good pistol. It has terrible range and it's rate of fire is not good. If you compare this to the DL-44, you will have no idea why this pistol is worth using.

2. T-21 (Worst)

Man, I hate this gun. The T-21 is basically a shorter range and more useless version as the T-21b. When I use this gun, I will guarantee I will always die before I can even react.

1. CA-87 (Worst)

I can't even imagine why on Earth anyone would use this scrap pile. It is a shotgun so it should be used at short range but it's so easy to miss your target. If you don't get a one shot kill with it, YOU'RE DEAD.

Now, enough with the crappy ones. Let's get on with my favorite gun in Star Wars Battlefront.

5. E-11 (Best)

The E-11 is a powerful and useful blaster for any situations. It also has a great rate of fire and good range. Not a gun to mess with.

4. A280C (Best)

This blaster rifle is a very good medium to long range blaster with great damage. If you want a gun that's both easy to use and makes you feel powerful, this is the one.

3. EE-3 (Best)

The EE-3 is a powerful three burst rifle with a lot of range. It's probably the best pick for killing many enemies at a time from long range.

2. DH-17 (Best)

This Rebel blaster is a automatic close combat pistol and is great for flanking enemies and taking them all at once.

1. SE-14C (Best)

Big or small spaces, doesn't matter. This 5 burst pistol is a BEAST. It's a gun that will leave a once crowded room, piled up with bodies and I walk out without breaking a sweat. And that's why, this gun is the best.

Now remember, this is my opinion, not anyone else's. If you disagree, tell me which gun you prefer and follow me on Moviepilot.


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